Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kenny Rogers, Neal McCoy and 3D Children's Books all Make it to Tate Publishing

This is always my favorite time of the year.  Especially with small children at home what an exciting time.  I pray that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that this Christmas and New Year will be the best ever.

It has also been a very exciting time at Tate Publishing last month.  We were blessed by visits from two wonderful artists that are in negotiations to produce and release new books.  Both Kenny Rogers and Neal McCoy were here to begin the process of releasing their books to the marketplace.  These were both two of the finest people and have incredible stories that will truly continue to change the world.  On December 12th of this year there will be a Christmas special on the Hallmark channel called, "Christmas in Cannan".  This movie is a screenplay written from Kenny Rogers book with the same title and has a great cast and of course a wonderful story.  You will want to get the book as well!!!  We are excited to have these individuals in our family.

In addition, we are pleased to announce a new feature for our children's books.  We are going to begin to produce and release our books in 3-D!  We have always worked hard to deliver products, services and distribution that you can't get anywhere else at Tate Publishing.  This is our latest effort at continuing to extend the gap and stay ahead of everyone else.  As an author you need every advantage you can get and the 3-D feature certainly delivers.  Regardless of your books content, when the images and characters can come alive and literally "jump" off the page, your readers will never forget.  Each book will come with a pair of 3-D glasses and audiobook versions making it the best entertainment buy possible for a book.  These features will make our family of authors books stand out in a crowded market and deliver a wonderful experience for every reader.  

I want to thank our incredible staff for making these opportunities a reality and their countless hours of development.  I consider it a true blessing to work with each of you everyday!  

Once again, we are praying that you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to send them my way or contact us at the office.

In Him,

Ryan Tate

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tate Publishing - Never Settle For Second Best

I am often asked how it is that we have built a publishing house from nothing almost a decade ago and built it to the size and market share that Tate Publishing experiences today.  For us the answer is obvious.  Be The Best!!!   In the 90's my family and I had a desire to create a publishing company that put the author first, helped first-time authors experience traditional or large publishing production and distribution, but most importantly was looked to as the best.   We spent years looking at every publishing option there was in the world and began to develop a model and company that incorporated all of the best parts of the publishing industry and mixed in a lot of creativity and hard work.

Today I am proud of what our authors and staff have built.  Tate Publishing is one of the largest publishers in the world and has the production, distribution, marketing and publicity that leads the industry for our authors.  None of this was just luck, all of it was God's provision and a resolve to never give up.   Our authors are amazing, talented and extremely hard working folks that share our same passion to work hard and succeed.  We are leaders in every major category in the industry and will continue to press forward and push to stay on top and provide services, product, distribution and publicity that sets our authors apart in this incredibly competitive industry.  

They say that imitation is one of the greatest forms of flattery.  If that is true, then we certainly are flattered.  As we watch competitors or other publishing houses try to compete it never ceases to amaze me that people will try to imitate what we do at Tate Publishing for authors.  The problem is that others in this industry can only talk a good game.  It is important that you do your research as an author when searching for a publisher.  Many new companies have come  and gone in the past decade and self-publishers seem to be everywhere now.  Be careful and don't fall for tricks or promises that aren't in writing.  My favorite is publishers that tell you if you sign with them or if you pay them to be published they will give your book to larger publishers to see if they want to sign you in the future.  There is even a large traditional publisher that started a self-publishing company to try and get authors to feel like they will someday be hanging out with Beth Moore or Mark Victor Hansen if there book does well.  Why would any author settle?  Go for the best!  

Tate Publishing is a large publisher that delivers what no one else does.  We are selective and can only sign around 3% of the manuscripts submitted to us, but when you become a member of the Tate Publishing family you truly join the elite.  It is funny, authors always ask me at conferences or even CEO's of other publishing houses what we guarantee or what can I promise an author.  Besides the fact that we offer more services, true-distribution, publicity and marketing in our contract, there is a quality that sets us apart.  HARD WORK!  There is no substitute, we enter into a true partnership with our authors and fight beside them.  If an authors call us and wants more or is even frustrated that an event or a book signing didn't go well, we take it to the next level.  We are always eager to look into new niche markets, and fight for success.  We have never believed in luck, only hard work, planning and preparation.  That is the difference.  Authors should never be a number, I hate that self-publishers just sell services, list books for sell and don't care whether an author succeeds or not.  As an author what do you do, who do you call in that publishing situation?  As a Tate Publishing author you call us, your publishing home and we will work to fix your problem, set-up new events, promote an opportunity and sell your book.  We believe in our authors and want our authors to believe in their partnership with our publishing house.

Authors deserve the best opportunities possible, without authors there would be no books.  We are a publishing house birthed from authors that wanted to make a difference for authors.  That is how it should be.  

As always thank you for reading and if you have any questions or need anything at all please fell free to contact us or send you questions my way.

Have a blessed week!

In Him,

Ryan Tate

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tate Publishing Increases Market Share and Opens New Facilities

It is the beginning of a new month and a wonderful time to be in the book publishing industry.  I could not be more proud of the incredible authors, artists and staff we have at Tate Publishing.  While most publishers in the industry struggle to make ends meet, our authors are selling great and holding more events then ever.  I am perhaps the proudest that our staff and author pool know the difference hard work makes.  

Educated and experienced business people will be the first to tell you that supply never drives or creates demand.  Many authors or artists think that if a publisher will just print a million copies and put them everywhere people will buy them.  That is silly!  Our philosophy is that we must create demand first and then the product will sell.  The Tate Publishing marketing staff is second to none and the best in the business at gaining visibility and setting up events for our authors.  Authors that want to be successful understand that they must have a publisher that can market and partner with them to have the best opportunity for success.  That is why self-publishing is not always a good option for authors that want to truly succeed and sell books in one of the most competitive markets in the world.  You can see why I am so proud of our people and the family of Tate authors!

In addition to the successes in the marketing department and book sales, I am also excited to announce that we have opened up a new 8,000 square foot production facility.  As Tate Publishing continues to add and provide additional services and opportunities to our authors, our need for space and offices for our staff continues to grow as well.  This month will be the first full month that our production staff will be in the new facilities and we couldn't be more excited.  

The new offices include lounge and kitchen areas for our authors and artists when they are visiting.  A brand new state of the art studio, illustration rooms, conference rooms and huge production floors for our editors, graphic artists, multi-media department and producers.  If you haven't been out to visit the Tate Publishing campus please call and schedule a time to come out and visit.  We would love to have you.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to send them my way and we are praying for you and your success!


Ryan Tate

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tate Publishing Signs American Idol Song Winner To Book and Music Deal




Plans for immediate single release to CCM radio and appearance at Kansas City’s

“Rock The Light” festival this weekend

NASHVILLE, September 2, 2009 – Hit singer/songwriter/producer Regie Hamm scored his biggest hit this year with the solo-written, 16-week No. 1 song “Time of My Life” for American Idol’s David Cook, and today he has signed a combined book and record deal with the Oklahoma-based Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group.

The announcement will be made formal with Hamm’s appearances this weekend at Kansas City’s “Rock The Light” festival. Tate Music Group plans an immediate single release to CCM radio, followed by a CD release and book detailing his inspirational story.

The book tells the story of Hamm’s adoption of an orphaned Chinese girl and the life-changing events surrounding it, including composing the hit song, “Time of My Life,” which was inspired by his emotional journey these past six years.

With 21 No. 1 songs to his credit as a songwriter, and a Top 20 Adult Contemporary hit as an artist, Hamm is well-poised for the single release to CCM radio. The single will be followed by the book, as well as a 20-song CD, tentatively called “Full Circle.” The project will include nine No. 1 songs written by Hamm, and eleven new originals. Hamm says the 20-song project is truly about his life and his journey.

“You can’t see the circle while you’re making it,” Hamm said. “Only special moments can allow you to see all of it: China… babies… songs… music… dreams… success… happiness. They all mean different things to me because of what I have been through. Any plan I could’ve developed would never have been as beautiful and unexpected. This one was divine.”

Tate Publishing, based in Oklahoma City, was founded in 2001 and has become one of the fastest growing publishing companies in the nation. They recently expanded to include record label Tate Music Group, and are distributed nationwide through Universal and Ingram.

President and CEO Ryan Tate said, “Tate Music Group is excited to partner with such a talented artist in Regie Hamm. We’re looking forward to making this venture a success for all.”


Contact: Bryan Norris, Key Marketing Group, 877-727-0697, bryan@keymgc.com

Ed Nash, Rutledge Nash 615.751.9977 ed@rutledgenash.com

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tate Publishing - Just Returned From New York

I have just returned back from New York City and had to blog about how proud I am of the incredible work our authors and staff are accomplishing.  This week was a planning retreat for the upcoming year with all of our high level executive staff members.  These individuals are the directors of all of our departments, manufacturing divisions, marketing and public relations firms.  From Senior Editors to Executive VP's, we meet to plan and discuss how to continue to grow and serve the publishing and music industries.

While most publishers and music labels are suffering and having to take huge action to stay in business, we are expanding.  Our sales have increased, our exposure and Tate sponsored and promoted events have nearly doubled in the last year.  This is a result of talented authors and what we believe is the best staff in the industry.  Our model and the partnership we provide is proven and has changed this entire industry over the past decade.   When we select an author or artist work, success is possible with great production, editing and design when mixed with our top of the line marketing, promotion and public relations divisions.   You must have this type of partnership as an author to even have a chance.  

While in New York we took a break to head over to the Barnes and Noble corporate offices to meet with our large press buyer.  She is a delightful lady and her support, hard work and belief in the industry and our company are absolutely priceless.  While this type of relationship and support is a result of many years and the success of our product line, it is also a result of the great staff and buyers at Barnes & Noble.  These individuals demand great product and great books that have a publisher with a vision and fantastic marketing plans to help each title succeed and have the best opportunities possible to be seen and sold.  These relationships are a true blessing and a great call for us to continue to deliver products, services and marketing that is second to none for our authors.

This week proved to be an exciting time of developing future vision and placing an emphasis on continuing to lead in every major category.  Over the course of this year you will see many new products and promotions launched as a result of this productive time, once again continuing with our mission to add to our already extensive and industry leading services, products, marketing and distribution.  

I want to say thank you to all of the executives that were there and continue to serve our authors and staff every day to continue to be the best.  Your passion and willingness to never accept failure as an option inspires us all.


Ryan Tate 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tate Publishing - I-Phone Applications For Authors and Artists

It is a beautiful day in Oklahoma this morning and we are going to have yet another 100 plus degree day!!!  

I am excited to announce that we have just finished the programming and production of our new I-Phone applications.  Everything has been submitted and approved by Apple and we are really happy to once again offer this service and exposure to our authors and artists.  

The applications are titled "GottaKnow" and these applications are specific for each author or artist.  So if your book was titled, "The Best Book Ever" your I-Phone application will be, "GottaKnow The Best Book Ever", and will be an interactive opportunity for fans and followers to connect with their favorite Tate author or artist.

The I-Phone applications will include links to purchase the books and music cd's, links to upcoming events pages, blogs and personal info that comes straight from the authors and artists themselves giving their fans and readers an incredible opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level.   These applications will offer free samples to read and listen to as well as an images section to see "behind the scenes" as their favorite author or artist created their respective masterpiece! 

No one else in the industry offers these services and once again keeps Tate Publishing ahead of everyone else.  We will be releasing a new application for every title and music cd we release and believe that this added exposure will be a huge benefit to our product lines and serve our authors at a level never before seen in the publishing industry.  

This is a very exciting time and we couldn't be happier to continue to lead the industry in serving our authors and artists and delivering content and quality with more success than anyone else.  Please send your questions our way and I will post some links to the applications as we launch them this month.   

Have a blessed day,

Ryan Tate

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tate Publishing - Book Marketing Is The Key To Success

Good afternoon and thank you for checking in once again on my blog and the great things happening at Tate Publishing.  I am often asked what makes a successful book and how can Tate Publishing help.  While there are certainly many elements that play a role, there is of course only one major role that everything boils down to, that is marketing!

Tate Publishing provides services and products that no other publisher can and designs, edits and manufactures some of the best product released in the publishing industry, but that is not nearly enough.  The key is marketing.  As an author you must make sure that your publisher has a long distribution reach that can get your book everywhere necessary for it to succeed.  Not just listed on a website!

I am very proud of our marketing department and the many publicity and PR firms that represent Tate Publishing titles.  We are one of the top selling publishers in America and set up and create more events, book signings and promotional engagements than any one else, helping Tate authors an books succeed.  Remember, at Tate Publishing we market and promote the book for the life of the project, and we promote and market and distribute on your behalf and in partnership with our authors.  The danger of small publishers and self-publishers is that authors must do everything on their own and take all of the risk and burden, we do not believe that serves a serious author's needs.  You need a great marketing partner.  

In the last quarter alone Tate authors have appeared and been promoted on ABC's Nightline, MSNBC, Fox News, AOL.com and hundreds of other news, print and radio channels.  These are the opportunities and situations a successful author needs from their publisher.  

While many claim they can produce books, very few actually have the resources, staff, distribution or marketing departments to truly help authors succeed, that is what makes Tate Publishing a special place.  

We have always been a publishing family that believes in working hard to help authors succeed, that is why we must be very picky in regards to the books and authors we will sign, but in the end we know that great marketing is the best recipe for success.  

As always please contact us if you have any questions or send them directly to me.  Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Ryan Tate

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tate Publishing Embraces The Kindle!

Good afternoon and thanks for checking in on my blog.  Today I wanted to talk about the product offered by Amazon for reading books, the Kindle.   The cover of Fortune this month discusses this new gadget.   The Kindle is an electronic readers that you can read books, newspapers, any PDF and several other formats on much like a book, you just never throw it away.  Some claim this will be as big a hit as the Apple IPod while other think it will never take off.  

At Tate Publishing we believe in delivering our authors content as many ways as possible to provide any customer the opportunity to purchase or read.  Tate Publishing is the leader in the publishing industry in regards to the product mix we offer of our titles.  No one comes close! We release our titles as paperback, hardback, audiobooks, e-books, Kindle friendly e-books, and even I-Phone applications while making all of these formats available as many places as possible to serve our authors and the customers shopping for books.  

We embrace all types of technology and want to make sure that we are delivering content across every possible application or channel.  Once again, this sets Tate Publishing apart, but also is the focus of who we are as a publisher.  We provide the marketplace with relevant content and promote our content better than anyone else.  While we don't know whether the Amazon Kindle will be the next I-Pod, I can guarantee you that Tate Publishing will deliver Kindle versions for purchase.  

It is exciting when new technology becomes available, it causes everyone to have to make sure they are properly structured and aligned to deliver customer satisfaction, but we are proud to be ahead of the curve at Tate Publishing.  If you have any questions please feel free to send them my way and have a blessed day!


Ryan Tate

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tate Publishing To Release I-Phone Applications

Good afternoon, it is the beginning of a new month and a perfect time to announce a new feature that Tate Publishing authors will soon have access to.  Tate Publishing has always been a leader in the publishing industry.  We offer more opportunities, services and distribution than any other publisher.  While most would be content with this position, we never are.  We want to always press to deliver more for our authors and the publishing industry and continue to distance ourselves from everyone else.  This desire has led to yet another feature that our authors will benefit from, I-Phone applications!

Within the next month or two these new application will begin to release and we intend to make these a standard part of every book we release at Tate Publishing.  These applications can be used on computers and I-Phones that will allow the user to connect directly to the author, read blogs and stories about the authors books and their motivation behind the creation of the books.  In addition, these applications will link the users to the online store to purchase the electronic versions as well as allow us to connect with the authors fans to supply them with information about new releases or new features available to them as well as local events they can attend.  

Once again, no one else and no other publisher is offering these services and we are creating an environment where Tate authors can continue to outperform everyone else in the marketplace.  I will continue to keep you up to date and post some of the initial applications here once they release in the near future.  As always,if you have any questions please shoot them our way and have a blessed week!


Ryan Tate

Friday, May 15, 2009

Congratulations to Tate Publishing Staff

Last night was the banquet for the state of Oklahoma's Best Places To Work Winners.  For the second year in a row Tate Publishing has been one of these prestigious winners and I am so proud of the entire staff.  Any successful organization is a reflection of a wonderful staff and their leadership.  Tate Publishing has the best of the best and I am very excited and pleased with this most recent award.  

The Tate Publishing staff has been called to provided the best level of services, products and distribution to the publishing industry and have accomplished more than anyone else in our industry  year in and year out.  Once again, thank you on behalf of our authors, executive staff, vendors and distributors for continuing to achieve and serve at the highest levels!

Great job,

Ryan Tate

Monday, May 4, 2009

Book Publishing and Marathons?

Good afternoon, it is raining in Oklahoma this morning, but things are beautiful on the publishing front.  Last week I was in Nashville for the Gospel Music Association and the Dove Awards.  It was an amazing time and I had the opportunity to talk with the leaders in both publishing and music as we discussed the future of both industries.  The overall theme seems to be that people are looking for a different way to do business and stay profitable in this new economic environment.  I found myself sitting with many of these music label and publishing company leaders thinking, "Wow, thank you Lord that isn't us!"  Tate Publishing is continuing to experience fantastic growth, we are offering more services, products, and better distribution than anyone else, and our authors are more successful.  While this is a huge blessing, it is also not luck or an accident.  We have decided to offer the best products and services to the marketplace and work harder than anyone else.  Period!

When I returned from Nashville last Saturday I had to wake up early the next morning to run in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in honor of the victims lost in the Oklahoma City bombing.  As any one who has run any long distance knows, when you are running for 26.2 miles you are going to have a lot of time on your hands to think.  As the miles rolled by my thoughts were constantly on why Tate Publishing is so different.  We set out many years ago to be different, to truly create an environment where authors were put first and given the best opportunity, service, products and distribution possible to help them succeed.  Today, all of these elements are realities and the reasons for our publishing house as well as our authors success.  However, you can have all the plans and desire in the world, but if you are missing one key ingredient you will never accomplish anything.  As I was running this point became more and more relevant as the race wore on, you must work hard.  I have often talked with our acquisition department to make sure that every author understood that the one guarantee I can always give on top of our contractual obligations is that we will work harder than anybody else. 

I believe God honors hard work, and if you will poor yourself into something, not be distracted by the negative people or the failures you have experienced and never give up, there is truly nothing that can't be accomplished.  As I ran I continued to realize that this is truly at the heart of who Tate Publishing is, we will work harder than anyone else and never give up.  While we offer more services and products and are on top of every major measurable category in our industry none of that is possible or means anything if you can't put forth the effort to succeed.  At Tate Publishing I get to wake up and lead a group of individuals who desire to work as hard as they possibly can for their authors.  Whether it is cover design, layout, illustrations, video trailers, editing, marketing, or even all the way down the corporate ladder to shipping an receiving, Tate authors are treated different and served by a staff eager to see them succeed and willing to put forth the effort. 

By the end of the race I was elated to simply be done running, but even more I couldn't wait to get the office Monday morning and work!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to send them my way!

Ryan Tate 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Football Legend Joe Washington Signs Book Deal With Tate Publishing

We are all very excited at Tate Publishing to welcome our newest author to the Tate Publishing family.  Joe Washington is one of the greatest football players in the history of the sport.  He is in the College Football Hall of Fame as an Oklahoma Sooner, he played on two super bowl teams with the Washington Redskins as well as in two pro-bowls and was the leading rusher and receiver in the NFL in 1979.   Perhaps his most significant performance was on Monday Night Football in the 1979 season.  Many claim this to be the best Monday night football performance of all time.  On September  18 while playing for the Indianapolis Colts, Joe Washington's team played against the Patriots.  Joe was involved in scoring the teams final three touchdowns  to eventually lead the Colts to a fourth quarter victory.  Late in the game Joe returned the final kick-off 96 yards for the winning touchdown, putting the Colts up 34-27 over the patriots.  Joe Washington, rushed, received, passed and returned a kick-off all for touchdowns in this memorable night. 

Perhaps more impressive is the incredible person Joe Washington is and the humbleness that he possesses.   Joe wants to give back to the world and help other all across our country succeed in all areas of life.  Joe will bring a fresh approach that will resinate with readers of very diverse backgrounds and help them to apply simple truths he has learned to help them succeed and accomplish their goals in life.  

Tate Publishing has always boasted one of the best author pools with the highest levels of success and performance in the publishing industry.  Joe Washington is of the high caliber author we are proud to publish and represent on a daily basis.  For more information check back in frequently or contact our offices. 

Once again, Joe will benefit from marketing, promotion and production that is second to none giving him the Tate experience that gives our authors the advantage in today's marketplace.  Congratulations to Joe and once again, welcome to the family!

Ryan Tate

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tate Publishing Staff - Leaders in the Book Publishing Industry

As you all well know success is never possible alone.  Especially not in the publishing industry.  To truly succeed in life and publishing, you need a great team.  At Tate Publishing we have put together that very team for our authors.  The success and growth we are having at Tate Publishing is a direct result of the talented staff we employee and assign to partner with our authors.  While other publishers are cutting back, firing staff and selling fewer books, we are growing and selling more than ever.  As the President and CEO there is nothing more wonderful than a staff that never quits, sees challenges as opportunities and serves our authors and vendors everyday.  

It is this very quality that makes it possible for us to succeed.  We were so pleased to find out that once again Tate Publishing has been named one of the best places to work in the State of Oklahoma.  In these economic times it is a huge privilege and honor.  I am not exaggerating when I say that Tate Publishing authors and vendors truly get to work with one of the most talented staffs in the industry.  Most publishers outsource and farm out their work because it is cheaper.  We have always had the feeling here that quality and service is more costly, but if you want to lead an industry and succeed you need to make the extra investment in the staff to see the results that are desirable.  We handle ever element of production in house and are able to produce results faster and better than anyone else.  

Once again I couldn't be prouder of this most recent accomplishment and we are looking forward to another incredible year.

As always feel free to send your questions my way and have a blessed week!

Ryan Tate

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tate Publishing - No Comparison

Good afternoon, well our events and broadcasts last week went flawlessly and thank you to everyone who tuned in for the show.  It was a huge success!

I have been really excited about writing this week and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about the publishing industry in general.  Tate Publishing offers more services, distribution, and products than any publisher in the industry.  That is something we take pride in and is part of our mission to deliver a publishing opportunity that is second to none and creates the greatest opportunity for our authors and titles success.  

We are a leader in sales and in production quality and services.  No one else comes close!  We are constantly looking at other publishers, retail establishments and the industry to look for new ways to promote, distribute and publicize our authors and books, as well as new products to offer.

We spend a lot of time in meetings just looking for new ways to help our authors succeed and out sell the competition.  As a result of our success we have many other publishers that become very frustrated that they can't compete and that our authors are simply more successful.  I was just chatting with one of our authors this morning who was talking with a print on demand company before she had been accepted by Tate Publishing for a traditional publishing contract and it was incredible what people will say and do to try and get an author to spend money with them.  Our author just keept saying that other publishers could only tell her that they didn't know how we do it and that in some cases it just doesn't seem possible.  

Then it hit me!  That is the Tate Publishing difference!  Everyone else thinks things are impossible, when we look at everything as possible.  We hold more events, are in the top ten for sales in books, deliver more products and better service and help more unknown or first-time authors succeed than anyone else.  Accomplishing the impossible is our calling, it is who we are.  At Tate Publishing we wake up every morning and work harder than anyone else to see our authors, titles and this publishing house succeed.  

We not only consider our work a blessing, but to serve authors and have the opportunity to see lives changed and entertained by our products is amazing.  Tate Publishing was founded to be a publishing house that partnered with authors and created the best environment for their success and profitability.  We love the challenge and have seen great success from an unselfish vision for our authors in this incredibly competitive industry.  While it is frustrating to compete with and to many may seem impossible, at Tate Publishing, the challenge is what we live for and who we are, and nothing is impossible.  Our track record and history speaks for itself!  

As always thank you so much for reading and please, if you have any questions don't hesitate to send them our way.  It is almost royalty time again at Tate Publishing and checks will mail out next month and it is looking to be another record setting quarter.  

Thanks again and God Bless,

Ryan Tate

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tate Publishing, Music and Thomas Nelson

Good afternoon and thanks for taking a moment to check up on Tate Publishing.  It is very busy around our offices today.  Tonight is the premier and TV debut or our newest addition to Tate Publishing, our new music label Tate Music Group's Artist of the Year Competition.  Most people don't know that Tate Publishing has a music division, but we do and it has been every bit as successful as our publishing house.  Tonight 5 artists are battling for artist of the year and $20,000.00 in cash and many other prizes.  We have judges from Universal Records, New Day Distributors and even the world famous impresario Jim Halsley!  Please watch the show or catch the live stream of it on our music label's website at www.tatemusicgroup.com, coverage starts at 7PM CST.  

On the publishing front we just received world that Thomas Nelson Publishers is following in Tate Publishing footsteps and going to offer products and books that include audio downloads and e-book downloads for one price.  This is a result of the success our titles are having and the incredible growth of our product line and proves once again, that Tate Publishing delivers products, services and distribution that can't be found anywhere else.  The famous quote reads that "imitation is the greatest form of flattery" and we couldn't agree more.  

At Tate Pubishing every title released has an eLive feature that basically means when you purchase a book with the eLive logo, you have just purchased and entire digital entertainment package that includes the book, audiobook and e-book all for the same price!  For others to follow us and see the value of offering titles with these options not only excites us, but validates all of our efforts.  We are all very excited and proud.  

Once again, thank you for reading and try to catch the broadcast tonight if you can, but as always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to shoot them my way!


Ryan Tate

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tate Publishing, Lead and Achieve - The American Dream

Good afternoon and thank you for visiting my blog.  It is a beautiful Tuesday morning in Oklahoma today.  Yesterday was a very large company wide staff meeting for our company where I get the opportunity to address our entire staff.  I always love these meetings and yesterdays was a special one.

As I was addressing the staff I was talking with them about the state of the economy, and what I expect from them as Tate Publishing team members.  While we are doing better than ever at Tate Publishing and all of our numbers and sales volumes are on the rise, it is very easy to become frustrated by what is happening in the world around us.  I encouraged our staff to remember that the American Dream isn't a government hand out or a legislative policy that will take care of you for life.  Whether you are republican or democrat we all can agree that if you are waiting on or expect the government to save you, it will NEVER happen.  The American Dream is the very opportunity to work yourself to success, the American Dream is the chance to use your efforts to succeed and provide for your family.  At Tate Publishing we believe in America and the spirit of Americans and we believe and see everyday that the American Dream is alive.

Yesterday I encouraged our staff to remember that our success is not a result of a handout, our success is the result of hard work, dedication and the very fact that failure is never an option.  We believe that we are helping our authors achieve and reach their goal and accomplish their dream everyday with successful books.  We would never take this lightly and have had a conviction to offer opportunities that authors could never find anywhere else and a work ethic to see our books and authors succeed that no other company can compare to.  

It is our desire to constantly press ourselves to become better everyday and find new ways to promote, serve, and assist our titles and authors to succeed.  I am so proud of the spirit of accomplishment and determination that I see in the faces our our staff.  I truly believe that a Tate author is working with the most talented staff in the industry and a group of individuals that never give up.  That is the spirit of success, the spirit of America and the fuel behind the American Dream.

As a leader in the publishing industry it is easy to sit back, relax and enjoy success, but that will never be us.  We desire to daily achieve and pursue new heights and excellence everyday.  We are making huge investments to grow our facilities and our staff and have just added new products to our line that once again no other publisher can offer.  That is just who we are!  I believe that a spirit that can't be broken and a resolve to work hard no matter what the situation is a huge key to success in any industry or for the American people, that is what we expect around here!

I am praying for all of you and please if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to send them my way!

Thanks for reading,

Ryan Tate

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tate Publishing, An Author's Best Friend!

Good afternoon, I am sitting in my office and just got off the phone with our Director of Production, Dave Dolphin about a new piece of printing equipment we just bought.  We recently purchased a new color printing device to add to our production facility that is state of the art and a large investment during these economic times, but is the best investment we could make to ensure quality for our authors.  As I was getting off the phone Dave stated, "This acquisition puts the author first and delivers quality product that is second to none!"  In one statement Dave made apparent what I try to preach to our staff every chance I get.  Serve the author!

Our company was founded on the principles of serving authors and creating a publishing company that delivers products, services, distribution and marketing that no one else in the industry can or would.  We make huge investments and take huge risks in our authors every day, and they pay off everyday too.  The incredible success stories have changed the publishing industry and has put Tate Publishing at the top of the list in sales, services and products offered in the industry.  Our investment into the author has created a publishing house that leads in nearly every major category of concern in the industry.  For those of you that follow my blog you now know that Tate Publishing has reached the top ten for sales volume through retails stores and we offer more marketing, distribution and services to our authors than any other publisher.  

We knew early on that investing in the writers of the world and searching for the "diamond in the roughs" was risky, but the writers of the world have proven that talent properly marketed and produced can change the industry and deliver success for both the publisher and author.  At Tate Publishing we value the relationship we have with our authors and truly view it as a partnership.  It is this very belief that has made it possible for us to not only love our jobs, but believe in the talents of our authors.  I can honestly say as an author and publisher, that Tate Publishing was created to be the author's best friend and we have lived up to that everyday. 

Our staff searches daily for new ways to support, promote and provide quality to our authors.  It is our passion and something I thank God everyday to have the opportunity to achieve.  It truly is an exciting time, please if you have any questions don't hesitate to let us know.


Ryan Tate 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tate Publishing Makes Audio Book Available To All

Good afternoon, it is a beautiful day at our offices this morning and I just left one of our printing facilities and couldn't wait to write about some exciting things taking place at Tate Publishing.  

This morning I received a call from our Director of Marketing, Mark Mingle.  Mark is currently in New York City and was meeting with our buyer in the Large Press Division at Barnes& Noble.  At the meeting the buyer was not only very interested and picking up the titles being presented for distribution, but she was very interested in one of the features that accompany most Tate Publishing titles.  The feature is what we refer to as eLive!  eLive is basically a total digital package that comes with a Tate Published title.  

Whenever a customer buys a Tate Published book, if it has an eLive logo on the cover, they have just purchased the complete digital entertainment package.  There is a download code in the back of the book that gives the buyer access to a free download of the e-book and audiobook from any computer.  The value this adds to a book is huge and the investment that Tate Publishing makes in our titles to provide these types of benefits is unparalleled.  Our buyer even mentioned that she had never heard of or seen a publisher every do this and loved it.  

This is one more way that Tate Publishing has always set ourselves apart from the competition.  For those of you who follow my blog you know that Tate Publishing is a company born to provide services, product, and distribution to authors, buyers and distributors that can't be found or compared to anywhere else.  eLive is a perfect example of the Tate difference.

Perhaps the biggest confirmation of how successful the eLive feature has been comes from my own house.  I have a four year old daughter at home who tests all of our children's books.  The second daddy brings home a new book, she goes straight to the computer downloads the audio book version and follows along.  If she loves it we have a winner on our hands.

I couldn't be more proud of what we are accomplishing every day at Tate Publishing and the incredible success our authors and books are experiencing.  We will continue to push ourselves to the next level of service and product offerings everyday, and remember next time you visit your local bookstore to make sure your purchase is a Tate Publishing book with the eLive logo on the cover.  The digital entertainment package is sure to not disappoint.

Have a blessed day and let me know if you have any questions!

God Bless,

Ryan Tate

Monday, February 2, 2009

What Makes Tate Publishing The Best

I am often asked what sets Tate Publishing apart and why are we able to succeed when others fail.  The answers are simple.  First, we believe in what we are trying to accomplish, a great company, individual, family, really anything needs a great set of values or moorings it can hang onto and believe in.  At Tate Publishing we believe we are changing the world through our books.  That is not something we take lightly, we truly believe our authors are changing the very world we live in.  My parents who founded Tate Publishing had a simple desire, deliver the best books possible to the marketplace and change the world through content and success.  We accomplish this everyday at Tate Publishing.

The second key to success at Tate Publishing is that believe we have recruited the most talented staff in the industry.   When executive staff members are interviewing or talking with potential job candidates several things are emphasized.  First, any employee that needs to be managed is probably a bad fit for us.  We believe that individuals that need to be tightly managed are never going to make the company better.  Great employees don't need to be motivated, they motivate others to greatness.  If you walk the halls of Tate Publishing you will get the feeling that our staff is accomplishing great things everyday and bringing new ideas to the industry.  Second, we look for staff that view what they do as a responsibility and not necessarily a job.  Now, I realize there are always elements of every job that or not desirable, but the overall aspect or the big picture is what I am referring to.   Tate Publishing staff are focused on the big picture or changing the world, serving our authors and artist and delivering the best products and services possible to the industries we do business in.  

Third, we hire candidates that are eager to change.  One of the best things about Tate Publishing is that we are constantly changing, we are always looking for new services or products to release and have been able to lead the industry because of our commitment to change,evolve, grow and constantly get better.  Our staff are encouraged to always view change or even problems as opportunities to serve, develop character and find better ways of doing things.  

I am so proud of everyone who works at Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group and any author or artist will know that you are working with a special group of people the second you do business with us.  People are what make the difference and people are the reason we are so successful.

This is how we truly distinguish ourselves or a job candidate as the best verses the rest!

Have a blessed day and remember to send any questions you may have my way!

Ryan Tate

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tate Publishing Book Royalties

Once again it is royalty time at Tate Publishing.  This is the month that the 2008 4th quarter royalty checks are mailed out and our authors and staff have done it again.  We have for the third consecutive quarter set new records and all time highs for royalties at Tate Publishing.  

As an author knows, true success is only possible with a great partnership between the author and publisher.  The problem with self-publishing is that you get no marketing or distribution (you might get listed on a site but that is not distribution) and the problem with most traditional publishers is that you get no control and royalty percentages are too low to show any profits.  Tate Publishing is unique, we are a publishing house that was born to serve authors and create the best opportunity for an author's success.  I am so proud that we have been able to accomplish this task and now lead the industry in products, services and many of the top sales indicators.  

The success is a direct result of our talented staff and incredible authors that are driven to succeed.  The very fact that we are once again showing higher sales than ever before, even in these tough economic times our country is facing proves how important the publisher and author partnership is to be able to succeed in this industry.

Once again, congratulations to everyone and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know.

God Bless,

Ryan Tate

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tate Publishing Services Second To None

Good afternoon and I trust the new year has already started off great for everyone.  In my last post I described and announced that Tate Publishing will continue to add to the services, distribution and marketing that we already offer to once again pull away from all other publishers.  We have always been driven to be the best at Tate Publishing and create the environment that gives our authors and titles the best opportunity to succeed in our highly competitive industry.  If you have followed my blog at all you already know that we lead the industry in almost every category and provide services that no other publisher does.  I want to outline one of our newest services and products and provide you with some useful information.

At the end of last year we made a commitment at Tate Publishing to start producing and releasing :30 second book trailers or commercials for releasing titles.  These book trailers are proving themselves to be extremely valuable marketing and promotional tools that are setting a Tate Published book and author apart from all others.  I was talking with our Director of Marketing, Mark Mingle last week about them and he made an interesting comment.  Mark has been receiving feedback that customers are purchasing books after watching the videos because they are able to emotionally connect with the story line before even picking up the book.  

What an amazing opportunity, we are not only streaming these trailers from our online bookstore and website, but from sites like YouTube, Myspace and Facebook.  These trailers are being played at author signings, events and even on television stations to promote our authors works.  We have seen great success and great value in the cost of production due to the increased sales volumes and awareness these video book trailers help to create.

Most of these trailers are :30 seconds long, include music, voiceovers with video and images that help tell the story of the book.  While we know you can't judge a book by its' cover, these trailers are providing potential customers with an exciting glimpse into the story to unfold on the pages and pushing them to purchase Tate titles that are sure to entertain.

Once again, I will break down another new service as often as I can, but we are very excited about the new opportunities at Tate Publishing and the video book trailers has been a great one.  As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know.

Ryan Tate

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year Ahead At Tate Publishing

What an exciting time at Tate Publishing.  I always love this time of year because we begin a new start of driving ourselves to build upon the success of last year and the history of Tate Publishing as we continue to lead the publishing industry and provide our authors with the best possible opportunities for success with services and products that are second to none.  

If you follow my blog at all you know that we are a leader in the industry in most of the important categories used to measure a publishers success.  We are very proud of our position, but it is important to clarify that we will never become complacent or sit back and enjoy the past or present successes.  As the president of Tate Publishing I have set a clear vision for the entire staff that these are the very times we need to press onward and expand our capacities to serve our authors, vendors, and distributors.

In 2009 Tate authors will see even more services added to the services we already provide.  There is not another publisher in the industry that does more for an author than Tate and our focus to add to this experience and the opportunities is a commitment we are making to once again help ensure the opportunity for success as an author.  

Once again, thank you for the most incredible year in the history of our company in 2008 and continue to keep your eye on Tate Publishing in 2009!

God Bless and Happy New Year we are praying it is the best year in your life as well!

Ryan Tate