Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NBA Team Joins Tate Publishing Family!

Good afternoon and thanks again for visiting my blog to find out about all of the exciting new opportunities at Tate Publishing. Since I last wrote we have had so many things happen. From new magazine launches to the incredible response and success our author's nationwide television commercials are receiving, it is a busy and wonderful time to be a part of the Tate Publishing family.

Many of you are first-time authors and looking for a home for your life's work. I want to encourage you to search out every option and compare them head to head. If your manuscript is accepted by Tate Publishing I believe you are being offered the best publishing opportunity in America. From editing and design to marketing, distribution and layout, we are the best and no one can compete or even offers what Tate Publishing brings to the table.

It is this very level of service and success that brought a National Basketball Association (NBA) team the Oklahoma City Thunder to Tate Publishing. This summer we will be releasing several children's books for the team and for their team children's associations telling the stories of the team, their mascot and history. The same level of writing, illustration, design, marketing, distribution and promotion that the NBA require is what is the daily expectation for us and our authors. That is the Tate way!

To succeed you need great partners in the publishing industry. We are excited about the opportunities to partner with authors and organizations across the globe.

As always feel free to contact our offices or me directly if you have any questions and know that we will be praying for your success. We look forward to talking with you soon!


Ryan Tate