Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tate Publishing - Best Year on Record

It is Thursday afternoon and very cold at the Tate Publishing campus in Oklahoma today.  Christmas is just around the corner and we just held our annual Tate Publishing Christmas party Tuesday night.  This was a wonderful time of celebration, but also gives me the opportunity every year to share a "State of Tate" speech that outlines the successes of our recent year and the vision we have for the upcoming year.

I was so pleased to be able to report to our staff, authors, vendors and distributors that Tate Publishing has registered the best year in our history.  While most in our industry are struggling Tate Publishing is growing.  Our authors are outselling the competition and our books are succeeding in an incredible and diverse market mix.   I wanted to share some of the amazing accomplishments we have had over the past year:

*According to our distributor - 
1.  Tate Publishing is the fastest growing publisher in the industry and has been over the past three years.*
2.  We have finished 2008 as the 15th largest publisher by sales volume and are projected to be in the top 10 in 2009.*
3.  Named one of the Best Places to Work In Oklahoma (2nd place overall in the entire state).
4.  Two-time Chamber of Commerce Business of the year with back to back top finishes in 2007 & 2008.
5.  In 2008 Tate Publishing authors and artist participated in 24,336 events.
6.  Successful launch of the new Tate Publishing music division, Tate Music Group

Perhaps the biggest success story for 2008 is the continued giving of our resources both personally and financially to ministries and other needs throughout our nation and state.  As many of you know Tate Publishing is a company that has a clear purpose.  We want to build the Kingdom of God.  By delivering authors and artists the best services, products and distribution possible we have created a successful business to give into the kingdom.  As a Tate author you can take pride in the fact that with every success you have you are helping to give to help ministries and other non-profit organizations help thousands of people each year.  In 2008, due to the success of Tate Publishing and our authors we were able to give like never before.  Here are just a few examples:

1.  Partnered with over 206 churches.
2.  Built 108 new church youth rooms.
3.  Paid for over 2,800 middle school and high school students to attend bible camp
4.  Sponsored events that 6,720 people dedicated their live to follow Christ!
5.  Provided funds for the start of two new churches that are succeeding in downtown Oklahoma City.

These are the types of opportunities that we treasure at Tate Publishing and every author and artist should rejoice in the fact that they have played a vital role in this giving.  As we close the chapter on 2008 we have a bold plan to continue growth and success and the creation of opportunities for Tate Published authors that is second to none.  

I want to thank all of you for a wonderful year and know that we pray as a staff at Tate Publishing for your success often and we are praying that 2009 will be the most successful, rewarding and blessed year of your life.  As always, contact us with any questions and have a wonderful Christmas!

Ryan Tate

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tate Publishing Sales Report

Good afternoon and Happy Holidays to all! Christmas is right around the corner and we are all very excited about the new year at Tate Publishing. I wanted to post the letter we just received from Key Marketing Group Communications about our sales results over the past several years. We are very proud of all of our staff, authors and vendors for such incredible and unparalleled success.


- Ryan Tate

Key to Your Publishing Success

Tate Publishing & Enterprises
127 East Trade Center Terrace
Mustang, OK 73064

Dear Ryan,

I wanted to personally inform you and congratulate you on the unparalleled success we have experienced together over the last five years of service with Tate Publishing.

After a recent survey and study of our past three years of sales with Ingram Book Co, we have determined that our sales rate and growth percentage have been second to none.

According to our records and correspondence with our buyer at Ingram, Tate Publishing is one of the ‘fastest’ growing publishers she currently is working with. Over the last three years, Tate Publishing has grown at an unbelievable rate of over 100% per year, with some percentage rates reaching over 200% of growth.

Also, as of November 2008, we are ranking in the top 20 of all publishers that our buyer currently buys from, which is over 130 publishers. Our estimation is that we will end up around 15-17th ranked by the end of this fiscal year.

As far as projected growth, we are projecting to break into the top 5-10 for 2009, if we continue the same pace of growth rates as we have for the last three years.

With the economic down turn that our industry has experienced over the last few years, it is extremely refreshing to be working with a publisher that is showing unprecedented increases. We totally believe that this is due to the aggressive marketing approaches that Tate Publishing takes for ‘every’ author that is released.

Again, I am speaking on behalf of Key Marketing Group and our buyer at Ingram Book, when I say ‘Great Job!’ Keep up the good work!


Bryan Norris
President, Key Marketing Communications

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tate Publishing Top in Sales

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to not only eat too much, but you were able to be with family and friends. Once again I am pleased to bring you some great news about Tate Publishing. We have much to be grateful for and were just told at the end of the week last week that we are once again leading all publishers.

Last week Ingram/Spring Arbor Wholesalers, the largest wholesaler in the industry informed us that we are the fastest growing publisher by sales volume they do business with and we are currently breaking into the top ten of the highest volume selling publisher as well.

This is an incredible honor and the results of incredible effort by both Tate Publishing and our wonderful authors. A publisher should be judged by not just the quality of the product they publish, but their ability to market, promote and sell that product.

A Tate published author has always had an incredible advantage and our marketing and distribution is truly second to none. These wonderful results and honors are a blessing an continued confirmation that authors can succeed when in a partnership with Tate Publishing.

I want to once again say congratulations to the Tate Publishing staff and authors for this success. We couldn't be more excited about the future and are looking forward to an incredible 2009!!!

Great job to all,

Ryan Tate

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tate Publishing and Serving the Author

It is about 1 hour away from the college football game of the week and my wife is downstairs getting the house ready for some friends and family to come over to watch The University of Oklahoma play Texas Tech. I have the television on the sports station ESPN and have been watching all of the scrutiny the coaches in both collegiate and professional athletics are under. It seems like it is impossible for them to make everyone happy unless they are winning every game by 100 points. While that is impossible it never ceases to amazes me that there are people out there that expect that level of perfection or you should be fired.

While I believe everyone should pursue perfection and success, I also know that being perfect, never losing or having every dream come true without failure, trouble, or tribulation along the way is unrealistic. I hate to steal the cliche, but if big dreams were easy, then everyone could do it. I look at publishing the same way.

As an author, when you take the time and dedicate yourself to writing a book you have begun the process of pursuing an amazing dream, to become published! For most of you the realization of how difficult this industry can be is starting to settle in. For most the only option is to self-publish. Getting an advance or having a publisher like Tate Publishing take on your book is difficult. Just remember though, difficult is good. Self-publishing is something that anybody can do. I am not saying that self-publishing is bad, just easy and lacks any of the tools, services, or partnerships necessary to succeed with your book in the retail marketplace.

I want to encourage you to make decisions that give you the best opportunities for success. At Tate Publishing we are very selective and sign a very small percentage of the manuscripts submitted to us. However, we always provide an author that is rejected or turned down the reasons why and what they could do to make the manuscript better. If selected or offered one of our contract options, the author is being offered not only the best contract in the industry, but a life long partnership with Tate Publishing.

One of the things I am most pleased with is that regardless of how long a Tate Published book has been on the marketplace the author can contact us to do more at any time. We love the opportunity to do more, serving our authors and helping a passionate author that is driven to success to create opportunities is our life, it is what we love!

There is no magic wand we can wave to make a book successful, the formula is simple in that we know nothing worth doing is easy. I have seen some books take off and sell 10's of thousands of copies with little effort, that is possible, but for the most part it is a well planned attack that leads to a successful book. That is why Tate Publishing exists and is who we are, no author can be in better hands then at Tate Publishing.

So remember to be smart about your decision to pursue a publisher. Look at production, services, products and the distribution you will receive and make sure you are not going it alone. You need a partner that has a lot to lose with you, that type of partnership is a wonderful opportunity where everyone is motivated to succeed.

Be sure to read my other blogs on Tate Publishing and the opportunity and partnership we offer. As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance let me know or contact our offices. Have a wonderful week and God Bless!


Ryan Tate

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tate Publishing - The Economy - Book Publishing Industry

I have been thinking a lot about what I was wanting to write today and the impact that the economy is having on everyone not only in America, but the world. For many it is a very difficult and trying time and I am constantly being asked by authors and other individuals in the publishing industry why things are doing so well at Tate Publishing when the rest of the industry is slumping.

It is a fact that when people are faced with economic changes they don't simply stop spending money or pursuing their dreams. If that were the case the economy would not exist at all and there would be no spending, no loans, no new homes, you get the idea! The truth is that when people are faced with the types of changes to the economy we are facing they don't stop, they become more selective, educate themselves better and make choices that will truly be necessary and benefit them. I believe this is why we are seeing such success at Tate Publishing. Authors are choosing to go with a publisher that has a proven track record and can actually deliver opportunity for success. I have said this many times, but the problem with self-publishing is that unless you have a huge amount of resources and a huge following ready to purchase your book, you will most likely not sell many copies, let alone sell anything through a bookstore.

At Tate Publishing our authors not only receive the best products and services, but the partnership with our marketing staff is what truly makes the difference. When you have a team of individuals who wake up every morning to work with you to set up events, promote your book, distribute your book and publicize everything, you actually have a chance. So we believe that authors are becoming more educated, and looking to go with a publisher that they know will give them an actual chance, not a situation where they have to do everything on their own and their opportunity is left to luck.

Carolyn Reidy, the President/CEO of Simon & Schuster just spoke at the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association’s CEO Symposium and Publishing University at the Westin Hotel in Lombard, Ill. in November. Her remarks were about the incredibly horrible time they and publishers alike are facing during these economic times. Her fear and concern were obvious and understandable. Tate Publishing has developed a model that is author centered, this model creates an environment where when the author and publisher are working in a true partnership, and success is possible in any economic situation.

Once again, we are committed to delivering more products, services, distribution and publicity opportunities to our authors than anyone else. That is the Tate difference, a situation where the flexibility of self-publishing and the power of traditional publishing meet to create the successful environment Tate authors experience everyday!

Whether you are a published author, publisher or looking for a publisher, I am praying for you on your journey and believe that the best thing you can do is gain knowledge. Hopefully this blog can help you in the search and as always let me know if you have any questions.


Ryan Tate

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Book Publishing Research

Good afternoon, I had intended to write earlier this morning, but like most of the country I was up late last night watching the results come in for the Presidential Election. I have been getting a lot of questions from authors about how to search for the best book publishing company. This is an excellent question and that very search for a book publisher is what lead to the founding of Tate Publishing many years ago.

As you have probably read in past posts, Tate Publishing was founded to provide the only real opportunity a first-time or unknown author has in the book publishing industry. Most authors begin their search for a publisher by going to the internet and using Google or other internet search engines and looking up keywords like "book publishing", "get published", "publishing companies", or other keyword searches to help them find a publisher. While this start makes since, the problem is that you will be instantly bombarded by countless self-publishers claiming they want your book and want to publish your book for almost no money. This is when you need to become very selective as an author!

First, make sure the publisher is selective. What I mean by this is that you need to make sure that the publisher doesn't accept every author. Selectivity makes sure that the publisher's product line and services will be good and you will have an actual chance to compete in the book publishing industry.

Second, look at the services the publisher offers. Many self-publishers require you to purchase books, purchase services or simply print books. You need a partner, you need to know that if you sign with a publisher the end result and the final product will be truly ready for the marketplace.

Third, distribution is the most important part. Please make sure that the publisher has actual distribution and doesn't simply list titles in a database like a self-publisher will. Your product must be warehoused and inventoried with stores and distributors and product must always be 100% returnable, if it isn't, bookstores and buyers won't even look at it.

Fourth, customer service is a must. Does the publisher answer your calls, return them and treat you like the asset you are, or is it cold and you feel you are going to be doing everything yourself? That would be a bad situation and almost gaurantee the failure of your book.

Once again, Tate Publishing is the best in the industry and offers services, products, distribution and customer service that is second to none. I encourage you to read my blog about our services and what to expect and about what book distribution should be in order for your book to actually have a chance to succeed!

During your journey ask a lot of questions and always make personal contact. You need a partnership to succeed and people make the difference. An established publisher is very important in this industry. As always please feel free to contact our offices or respond to me with any questions you may have. Don't forget, I am praying for you and your success and the exciting opportunities in our book publishing industry, especially for Tate Published authors.


Ryan Tate

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tate Publishing Author Reviews

What a week! It is Halloween at Tate Publishing and I am shocked at how creative our staff can be. Each year gets better, last year a Man Eating Ant won the contest, but this year is a whole new level. As I walk the halls there is about every super-hero you can imagine, the world's tallest man and I even saw Teen Wolf", yeah from the 80's!!! We will post some pictures of the costume winners next week and you won't want to miss them.

As we are ending the month of October I wanted to let everyone know about a new blog for Tate authors that has been launched by our authors. The website is and is going to be a great place for current Tate Publishing authors to chat and exchange ideas. We are so proud of our authors and the incredible accomplishments they make everyday. On a daily basis we prove how successful a publisher and author can be working together in a true partnership. I mentioned in my last post that we have had the highest quarter for royalties in our history and we expect more of the same as we continue to market and push Tate titles.

Just last week we started a new niche marketing program with our author pool to help generate even more market penetration and sales opportunities. This is sure to deliver another level of success for a Tate Published author. We love the fact that if a Tate author ever needs anything all you have to do is call. Whether it is a frustration, you want us to set up an event or present your book to a specific buyer, regardless of the request we are here. From that level of service, to our new author blogs, production and products that are second to none and the incredible success of the current Tate titles, we are looking forward to an amazing finish to 2008 and the best year ever in 2009.

As always let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading.


Ryan Tate

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Royalty Time At Tate Publishing!

I hope this post finds everyone doing great! I am pursuing my pilots certificate and only lack a coupe of more hours before I get my certificate and the windy Oklahoma weather has caused me yet another delay today, but tomorrow should be beautiful and perfect to fly! Since I couldn't fly this morning I was able to be at the office when this quarter's royalties were finalized and I am excited to announce that royalties for this quarter are higher then they have ever been in the history of the company.

Tate authors and their books are selling great and doing a fantastic job in the marketplace. I couldn't be prouder of the wonderful job that our staff and authors are doing to succeed. As a staff we are unique in that we literally pray for the success of our authors, vendors, staff and company, especially during the current financial times. We have always believed that we should pray as though everything depends on God and work as though everything depends on us.

I was a wrestler at the University of Oklahoma and I can remember that I never prayed to God before a match that he would help me win or make the other guy lose. I always thought that wasn't fair and God wouldn't make that decision, instead I always prayed that God wold give me great opportunities to take advantage of in a match. I believed that I would always be in better shape and outwork my opponents so given the opportunity, I would be ready to seize it and win. We bring this same passion to the publishing industry. We believe we are just hard work away from anything and that we need to be prepared to take advantage of every opportunity we have to help our authors succeed and sell a book.

So, given the fact that royalties are at an all time high, I believe Tate authors and staff are doing a great job of working hard, preparing and taking advantage of every opportunity! Great job to everyone and congratulations!!!

Ryan Tate

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tate Publishing To Start Making Movies!

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend already. I am actually getting ready to head down to Norman, Oklahoma to watch the Kansas Jayhaws play the Oklahoma Sooners in football this afternoon, after getting beat by Texas last weekend we sure need the Sooners to bounce back!!!

I wanted to get everyone an update on the movie situation. Tate Publishing has been searching for manuscripts and screen plays to turn into a move for over a year and we believe we have some great stuff we are choosing from, but we have also just finished reaching an agreement with Critical Mass Productions to provide the production on the film. We couldn't be more excited and in addition to a feature film we will also be turning probably 15 to 20 of our released books into short films.

As you know Tate Publishing offers production, services, marketing, and distribution that no other publish can provide. One of these products and services is that every Tate tile has a :30 second video book trailer or commercial produced, but this agreement takes it to the next level. To have our books made into short films and movies will once again help Tate authors succeed and have opportunities they can't find anywhere else.

I will keep you posted and get more updates your way, but this is a wonderful and huge step, aside from the screen play and script, the production house is the next most importance part. We couldn't be happier and as always, let me know if you have any questions.

Ryan Tate

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tate Publishing Takes Legal Action Against Bloggers!!!

Well Tate Family, unfortunately we have had to take legal action against many different individuals that have tried to be very negative against our wonderful company and family of authors. Whether you are a Tate author, prospective author or just researching this industry we have been appalled at all of the negative and incorrect information on the internet, in blog sites or on competitors websites. While we value differing opinions, competition and open discussion, we will not stand for malicious or untrue attacks. The basic gist of it is that there have been defamatory remarks, erroneous information, trademark infringements and copyright violations across the board. Many have been using the Tate Publishing name to launch their own businesses, advertise their own companies or services, and finally defame for personal gain. Please if you have been negatively affected or been given erroneous information or information different than what is on the Tate Publishing website, in our contract or discussed in conversations with our staff, please let us know. Our legal team is still collecting hundreds of emails and cataloging the rest of the information and your input is always welcome and can be used as evidence and testimony as well. I want to make it a point that I hate this course of action, these individuals have been warned numerous times and both myself and the Tate Publishing staff have been professional and cordial with these individuals and organizations, but I feel they took our willingness to work with them as weakness and we have had to move forward. In this day and age people assume that over the internet you can say and do what you want with no level of accountability, for the most part this may be true, but our legal system can protect us from unwarranted, defaming, untrue attacks, especially when there are issues involving copyrighted information and trademark violations.

On a spiritual note, the Bible tells us that light cannot have fellowship with darkness, the enemy does not want our success and he certainly doesn't want yours. This is the very reason we lift each of you up in prayer everyday. Our success speaks for itself and we couldn't be prouder of our position at the top of our industry. Please let us know if you have any comments and once again, while unfortunate, we must hold these people accountable. If you have any questions just let us know and don't forget to check out all of the other incredible blogs on our site.

Have a wonderful weekend, God Bless, and as always send some discussion topics my way.

Ryan Tate

Dog Ear Publishing Compared To Tate Publishing?

I pose this as a questions because a self-publisher is trying to compare their services to what we do at Tate Publishing and that is strange to us. There is no comparison, Tate Publishing is not a self-publisher by any definition and we provide more services, products and distribution that any other publisher. We offer advances, pay royalties, sell product that is 100% returnable, have direct sales with every major retailer and if an author is asked to make an investment with us, we even offer a contract where that investment is refundable. There is no comparison, but to help with anyone that may have questions here you go.

I do want to state that Dog Ear has done a great thing and changed their website to encourage people to contact us first and they have removed several erroneous comments. I believe they are a reputable self-publisher and serve a certain area of our industry very well. While we still disagree with most of their comparisons, we also understand that they are trying to compete in a difficult industry and the comparisons to Tate Publishing are a must for any publisher.

1. Dog Ear claims they checked 9 out of 10 titles and they couldn't find them for sale. They state they did a check on Amazon, but they also won't provide us with a list of the titles. To say that Tate Publishing books aren't for sale in bookstores is completely untrue, ALL Tate Publishing titles are for sale in bookstores everywhere. Our titles are also warehoused and stocked in every major distributors and retail chains warehouses. Remember, Tate Publishing distributes books as a traditional publisher and we are in the Large Press Division with Barnes & Noble.

2. Dog Ear claims we don't have the highest royalties. We do, every Tate authors receive the highest royalties in the industry, depending on how or where the book is sold (bookstore, website,wholesaler, etc.). For example, our authors receive 15% royalties off of books sold traditionally in a bookstore, 40% royalties on books sold directly from us or our website, and 60% royalties on books sold through deeply discounted retailers like Sam's Wholesale or Costco. Compare our royalties to traditional royalty publishers, not self-publishers like Dog Ear. For more information contact our office and we can provide more details. Self-publishers like Dog Ear don't actually let authors set their own retail prices. That is never a good idea, you need your publisher to be established and distribute product appropriately.

3. Dog Ear claims that Tate Publishing is a self -publisher. We are not a self-publisher by any definition. If Tate Publishing accepts your manuscript for production you will have one of three options provided to you, First is a royalty advance, second is no advance but Tate covers all production, marketing, manufacturing and distribution expenses, third, you will be asked to make a refundable author investment. Also, 100% of Tate Publishing books are distributed traditionally and 100% of Tate Publishing books are returnable. Finally, we are selective in who we publish, self-publishers like Dog Ear take everyone, we don't.

4. Dog Ear claims the amount of resources we put into each of our authors books is extraordinary and we agree. Tate Publishing provides between $16,000 and $22,000 dollars in services, products, marketing, cash and other resources into each title. Once again, Tate authors receive the following:

1. Editing - Copyediting, Technical Editing and Conceptual Editing
2. Custom Cover Design - Our in house design team will work with you to create the perfect cover, and back-matter that helps your book stand out on any shelf.
3. Custom Interior Layout - Your layout artist will once again work with you to make sure that the inside of the book is just as beutiful and attractive as the outside.
4. Ebook Creation and distribution - Every title is available to download as an ebook from our website and other online retailers for ease and instant use.
5. Audiobook creation and distribution - Tate Publishing produces our books as audiobooks as well, we are the largest provider of audiobooks to Apple iTunes and and have created another opportunity that no other publisher can for our authors to succeed and this gives a Tate author one more advantage over the competition.
6. Website design and hosting - What better way to promote than through your own website, while this can be difficult and confusing on your own we create the website for you and host it so it never costs you a dime. Plus it gives a constant online presence for promoting and selling your work.
7. Video book trailers and commercials - These commercials have become an amazing opportunity and tool for our marketing department and authors. The commercials are streaming from YouTube to our website bookstore, news reports and televisions worldwide. We have more books sold and recognized from these videos than could have every been expected.
8. Marketing - You are assigned an actual marketing rep that manages distribution, availability and sets up events for you worldwide.
9. Publicity - Every event and book is promoted to local and national media for the life of the work. We use several different publicity firms to promote you and your events, but our favorite is Key Marketing Group Communications.
10. Distribution - Tate Publishing product is all 100% returnable and warehoused and not simply made available for order or on a list. We have direct relationships with every major retailer, distributor and wholesaler and provide product directly to their warehouses and are even in the large publishing division with Barnes & Noble, no one else comes close!

As you can see, no one can compare to what Tate Publishing offers, many can publish books, but NO ONE provides the services, products and support that Tate Publishing provides. As you begin your journey ask a lot of questions, ask what other services other than simply book printing or creation a publisher can provide and make sure that you will have a partner that helps create opportunity for you.

As always our staff is here to serve and answer your questions and thanks for your time. God Bless and we are praying for your success.

Ryan Tate

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Does Tate Publishing Cause Such a Buzz?

Well, it is raining here in Oklahoma today, but I love this time of year! Football season and colder weather mean the holidays are just around the corner and with a four year old daughter at home nothing is better than the holidays!!!

It is funny because I was on the phone with one of our account representatives from Google yesterday morning and we were discussing the volume of people who search for information on Tate Publishing. It is amazing how many people want to know what is going on here, I even read blogs where people can't believe our success or how we are achieving what we are for our authors. We were then discussing how all of our competitors use the Tate Publishing name to try and promote their own companies. To me, it is probably one of the greatest compliments when your competitors use your name and reputation to try and get some business for themselves. I have even seen a company named after a dog post untrue statements on their website about us, it never ceases to amaze me the level people will stoop to! However, we have succeeded on a level that no one can come close to. In the radio business there is a saying, "The top dog never barks back!" and that is true. Many people often ask me if negative comments or lies about who or what we do frustrates me and the answer is two fold.

First, when companies like Dog Ear or other smaller publishers make up information or when I read a blog that is just mean in tone or spirit I hate it and my first instinct is to rebut and correct. Now, we all know that usually gets you nowhere and I believe that the best way to silence a critic is to succeed. That has been our model at Tate Publishing, help our authors succeed.

Second, there is no such thing as bad publicity. While this is hard to believe it is true, when individuals or groups try to attack it only ends up promoting us because it causes people to do more research or contact us. Personal contact changes opinions and we are always eager and happy to help our authors in achieving their goals and educate people on all the options they have.

In our main campus in Oklahoma I office just down the hall from our marketing wing. I love it when I can open my door sit back and hear the entire hall full of the sound of marketing reps setting up events and assisting our authors. It is something that many said couldn't be done and many still can't believe is being done. Tate Publishing is holding over 25K events every year for one of the smallest authors pools there is for large publishers. Most of these authors are first-time and unknown, yet they can succeed. That brings me great joy knowing how hard we work for our authors!

I am also proud of the fact that while it is impossible to make everyone happy, we will always do our best. If I run into an author that is frustrated or upset they are surprised to see that regardless of the situation we are always ready to continue to promote them. That will never end for us at Tate Publishing, we have signed up for a partnership with our authors no matter what and we will always just be a phone call or an email away for more assistance or solutions.

We are a Christian company and many people think I shouldn't openly state that. This in no way implies that we are perfect by any means, but is does speak to the resolve of our convictions to serve and offer services, products and opportunities that we believe are good and in accordance with our beliefs. Romans 8:28 & 31 says that "all things work together for good to those who love God... and that if God if for us who can be against us?" Now at the risk of sounding like a crazy Bible beater, I do believe this with all my heart and this is how I run our business. I am held accountable to God for the service we provide and the integrity by which we conduct our business, our spiritual side frustrates many and I have made so many mistakes in my life I am amazed God didn't give up on me a long time ago, but we always strive to get better and serve better everyday. I believe that is why there is such a buzz about Tate and why we succeed, we believe in what we are accomplishing.

Aside from the fact that we provide a level of services, products and marketing that is second to none and we truly don't have a competitor in this, we believe in the dreams of an author or artist alike to have a chance at success. I only wish we could help everybody and didn't have to be as selective as we are, but we must protect the bottom line to succeed in this difficult industry.

Please continue to send your questions my way and link to this blog. I always appreciate everyone helping us get the word out.

In Him,

Ryan Tate

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you really want to go with a Self-Publisher?

This is a great post from our Director of Production at Tate Publishing. He discusses POD or Print-On-Demand publishers and what you get with them. Check out his blog: Is Your Publisher "Print-On Demand?"

Print on Demand or self-publishers are very tricky to figure out. This is why we have created a situation at Tate Publishing that if your book is accepted for publication, you don't have to worry about anything. You will have the best service, production, distribution and marketing and more products to release to the marketplace than you could get from anywhere else. I personally hate how self-publishers will tell you that you can publish a book for next to nothing!!! Then when you decide you want layout, cover design, editing, and marketing you realize that this "you can publish for nothing" publisher has turned into a $10,000 dollar expense. In addition, please don't ever publish a book without professional assistance, it is the only way to guarantee your product can even have a chance.

This time last year several of my executive staff and I visited a large self-publisher in North Carolina, LULU Press, I was shocked to see that they don't even have one editor on staff. Now, they claim to be a do-it-yourself publisher, but editors should just be part of a publishers core staff.

Tate Publishing offers the best in the industry and we would never leave our authors to go it alone, it just isn't right. Here is my post about why Tate is so different! Finally, we would never offer a choose your package style of publishing, an author should not have to decide what they need, an author should have confidence that their publisher will take care of them and their book will be beautiful in the end and be supported from beginning to bookstore! That is our desire and that is the environment we have created. Tate Publishing has the highest sales volumes out of any publisher because of our selectivity and the professionalism behind the finished product. I thank God everyday that we have such great authors in our family. Once again, check out Dave's post, I think you will like it!

Ryan Tate

Monday, October 13, 2008

Should an author ever pay to publish their book?

I want to thank TC and Cathy for their comments over the weekend and this question is for you as you are trying to figure out how to handle and maneuver through the publishing industry.

Now, the questions is whether or not an author should ever pay to have their book or manuscript published? This is an easy answer, an author always pays to have their book published. For example, if Random House approached you as an author and offered you a $1 million dollar advance. You would think that is the best thing ever and by the way you should take it, but it is an advance. The truth is that you won't see another dime until you have repaid the advance or your book has accumulated enough from your royalties to repay them. So sure you didn't pay up front, but you and the results from your work are definitely paying for it, just over a longer period of time.

The publishing industry today has many options available to you. You can self-publish, subsidy publish, partnership publish or traditionally publish. All of these are great options, what is more important is for an author to decide what is the best option for them in their situation.

When looking for a publisher, what I would concern myself with the most is not whether or not there is a fee involved, I would concern myself with two things:

1. How selective is the publishing house? A publisher needs to be selective in what they publish, these helps keep the brand quality in tact and makes sure that you won't be lost in an author pool of ten's of thousands of authors. This is one of the main complaints about self-publishers, they take everybody! So make sure there is a submission, review and acceptance process. In addition, make sure that if your manuscript is rejected, that you submitted to a publishing house that can give you feedback as to why, this will help you grow as a writer and make your next attempt even better.

2. How does the publisher market, distribute and publicize their products? See my last post, "What does distribution for your book really mean?" for more information about this issue. The most important things to make sure of are the following criteria. Does this publisher stock inventory with retailers, wholesalers and distributors? Is 100% of the publishers book product returnable? Does the publisher pay for every book put into distribution at no cost to the author? Many publishers claim they have great distribution, but your book will only be listed in a database or on websites. Ask these questions and you will make a great decision for your book.

At Tate Publishing we have prided ourselves in offering authors more than any other publisher in the industry. No one comes close to what Tate offers, they try or make claims, but the difference is huge. I would encourage you to read some of my other posts to learn more and please keep your questions or subjects you wold like discussed coming my way! As always I am praying for you and look forward to future discussions.

Ryan Tate

BTW, we are very sad here at Tate Publishing today since the University of Texas beat the University of Oklahoma in football over the weekend!!! We will get you next year longhorns!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What does distribution for your book really mean?

This is one of the questions that our acquisitions team is asked the most.  It is also probably the most misunderstood question for first-time authors.  

First, understand that most self-publishing companies will claim that they have bookstore distribution.   The truth is that these companies only list their products with a retailer or distributor.  You will not find the titles in a store, only titles listed in a database that if you pay for it they will have a book printed and shipped off.  In most cases self-publishers even use print on demand companies or print on demand distributors like Lightning Source to print a book as it is ordered, the products are never warehoused.  

Second, self-publishers don't offer returnable product.  For a bookstore to stock titles or a distributor to inventory a book for sale and availability the books or products must be returnable.  This simply means that if the books don't sell they can be returned to the publisher at no cost to the distributor or bookstore.  Self-published authors and their books are not returnable and are not able to compete in a retail environment.  

Third, self-publishers don't pay for books sold or put into distribution.  When a publisher is actually trying to sale product in bookstores they must have product inventoried and warehoused.  This is a huge risk and very costly because if you're are putting books into stores or retailers and distributors warehouses you must be prepared to accept the product that doesn't sell as a return.  This means that you could lose a lot of money if a title doesn't sell well and that is bad business.  At Tate Publishing we just recently had a book titled, "From Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks" that went to number one on  It is also being watched for the New York Times Bestsellers list and has had purchase orders from stores like Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books A Million and wholesalers and distributors like Ingram and Spring Arbor for over 30,000 copies in the first 6 weeks of the release.  A self-published author would have to pay 10's of thousands of dollars to simply print this many books and then assume the risk that the product won't sell out and have the returns come right back to you.  This is not a risk any author should have to take, that is a risk your publisher should take.

At Tate Publishing our authors books are set up for distribution as a traditional publishing house and product is 100% returnable, product is warehoused (not simply listed in a database) and all product sold into distribution is paid for by Tate Publishing, not the author.  In addition, Tate Publishing works with and provides product to every major distributor and retailer, but we also have direct relationships with the largest retailers in the country which means we provide product directly to them for in store sales.  Check out our events page to see our distribution and event strengths.

Once again, as you are searching for options and trying to learn this industry make sure you ask your publisher or potential publisher these questions about their distribution system.  If all of these elements aren't in place you cannot compete against the traditional publishers or expect to have great success from a retail standpoint.  

As always, please send any of your questions or additional topics you would like me to discuss, I would love to help answer them for you.  

Ryan Tate
President, Tate Publishing

Friday, October 10, 2008

Welcome to the President's Desk..........

Well, I am very excited to begin the process of helping all of you out there not only understand the publishing industry in general, but specifically about the wonderful options and opportunities available to you at Tate Publishing that no one else can offer!

Tate Publishing is a company that my family started almost a decade ago with one desire;  create an environment where authors truly can succeed.  My parents had published a book when my father was Chief of Staff for the Lt. Governor of Oklahoma with a traditional publisher, the book was titled, "11 Reasons Families Succeed" and it sold very well, but as many authors find out the money always flowed to the publisher and rarely to the author.  In addition, my parents did all of the work, travel, speaking, promotions, just about everything.  The reality became clear that hard working authors deserved a chance to succeed and profit from their book and efforts and that opportunity didn't exist for most.

Tate Publishing was started to create this environment and has been the most successful publishing company story our industry has seen in quite some time.  Tate Publishing offers more services, products, support,marketing and distribution that any publisher out there.  Many will claim they are as good or provide the same level of service or products, but don't be deceived, none even come close.

As a Tate published author you will receive the following:

1. Editing - Copyediting, Technical Editing and Conceptual Editing
2. Custom Cover Design - Our in house design team will work with you to create the perfect cover, and back-matter that helps your book stand out on any shelf.
3.  Custom Interior Layout - Your layout artist will once again work with you to make sure that the inside of the book is just as beutiful and attractive as the outside.  
4.  Ebook Creation and distribution - Every title is available to download as an ebook from our website and other online retailers for ease and instant use.
5.  Audiobook creation and distribution - Tate Publishing produces our books as audiobooks as well, we are the largest provider of audiobooks to Apple iTunes and and have created another opportunity that no other publisher can for our authors to succeed and this gives a Tate author one more advantage over the competition.  
6.  Website design and hosting - What better way to promote than through your own website, while this can be difficult and confusing on your own we create the website for you and host it so it never costs you a dime.  Plus it gives a constant online presence for promoting and selling your work.
7.   Video book trailers and commercials - These commercials have become an amazing opportunity and tool for our marketing department and authors.  The commercials are streaming from YouTube to our website bookstore, news reports and televisions worldwide.  We have more books sold and recognized from these videos than could have every been expected.  
8.  Marketing - You are assigned an actual marketing rep that manages distribution, availability and sets up events for you worldwide.
9.  Publicity - Every event and book is promoted to local and national media for the life of the work.   We use several different publicity firms to promote you and your events, but our favorite is Key Marketing Group Communications. 
10.  Distribution - Tate Publishing product is all 100% returnable and warehoused and not simply made available for order or on a list.  We have direct relationships with every major retailer, distributor and wholesaler and provide product directly to their warehouses and are even in the large publishing division with Barnes & Noble, no one else comes close!

As you can see, no one can compare to what Tate Publishing offers, many can publish books, but NO ONE provides the services, products and support that Tate Publishing provides.  As you begin your journey ask a lot of questions, ask what other services other than simply book printing or creation a publisher can provide and make sure that you will have a partner that helps create opportunity for you.

Once again, our desire was to create an environment that an author could actually succeed.  Tate  Publishing authors out sell, work and promote all the competition.  No one should have to go it alone.  There are many options out there, but none are of the Tate standard, level of service or quality.  I want to encourage you to check out our other blogs and chat with other staff members if you would like.  

Visit our website and submit your manuscript for review, or simply call the office.  We only accept a small percentage of authors for publication and have three options available.  At Tate Publishing we either offer an advance, pick up the cost without any cost to the author or issue a contract with a refundable author investment.  Regardless, every Tate author has a mix of products, services and distribution that no other company can match.  

Let me know if you have any questions and I am looking forward to providing whatever assistance I can.  God Bless you and as always I will be praying for your success no matter where you end up on your journey!


Ryan Tate