Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tate Publishing Announces Television Commercials For Author Family

As we begin another year we are all very excited at Tate Publishing!  2009 was one of the most successful years in the history of Tate Publishing and 2010 is positioned to exceed that.  While most of the publishing industry was in turmoil and marked by financial pain and job loss.  Tate Publishing increased our market share and watched authors succeed like never before.

While 2009 brought many famous authors to Tate Publishing like Kenny Rogers and even American Idol song winner Reggie Hamm, I am the most proud that our first-time or previously unknown authors showed  unprecedented success.  As an author it is always important to have a publisher that can truly partner with you and help you succeed in a very difficult marketplace.  That is exactly what we accomplish everyday at Tate Publishing.

We pride ourselves in providing more products, services, distribution and publicity than any other publisher in the industry, especially for first-time authors.  We will never forget that to be a successful author, you must have a powerful publisher that can partner with you to truly succeed.  We have always provided this level of service and experience, but we constantly are looking for new ways to expand and help our authors accomplish even more.  In this same spirit we are pleased to announce that we have once again pushed the envelope and are now able to provide nationwide commercials on over 150 different networks for our authors.

Visibility is one of the most important things an author needs.  Visibility is key to sales and with the addition of television commercials to our marketing and publicity plans, we put Tate authors on a completely different level than anyone else.

Starting in January we will begin airing  :30 second commercials of our published titles.  These commercials will play nationwide on the largest networks.  We are so excited that we can provide this opportunity and we have committed to make a huge investment in our authors.  

2010 will be another great year at Tate Publishing and make sure you drop us a note when you see Tate Published authors on your television this year!!!

Have a wonderful year and God Bless,

Ryan Tate