Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tate Publishing - Just Returned From New York

I have just returned back from New York City and had to blog about how proud I am of the incredible work our authors and staff are accomplishing.  This week was a planning retreat for the upcoming year with all of our high level executive staff members.  These individuals are the directors of all of our departments, manufacturing divisions, marketing and public relations firms.  From Senior Editors to Executive VP's, we meet to plan and discuss how to continue to grow and serve the publishing and music industries.

While most publishers and music labels are suffering and having to take huge action to stay in business, we are expanding.  Our sales have increased, our exposure and Tate sponsored and promoted events have nearly doubled in the last year.  This is a result of talented authors and what we believe is the best staff in the industry.  Our model and the partnership we provide is proven and has changed this entire industry over the past decade.   When we select an author or artist work, success is possible with great production, editing and design when mixed with our top of the line marketing, promotion and public relations divisions.   You must have this type of partnership as an author to even have a chance.  

While in New York we took a break to head over to the Barnes and Noble corporate offices to meet with our large press buyer.  She is a delightful lady and her support, hard work and belief in the industry and our company are absolutely priceless.  While this type of relationship and support is a result of many years and the success of our product line, it is also a result of the great staff and buyers at Barnes & Noble.  These individuals demand great product and great books that have a publisher with a vision and fantastic marketing plans to help each title succeed and have the best opportunities possible to be seen and sold.  These relationships are a true blessing and a great call for us to continue to deliver products, services and marketing that is second to none for our authors.

This week proved to be an exciting time of developing future vision and placing an emphasis on continuing to lead in every major category.  Over the course of this year you will see many new products and promotions launched as a result of this productive time, once again continuing with our mission to add to our already extensive and industry leading services, products, marketing and distribution.  

I want to say thank you to all of the executives that were there and continue to serve our authors and staff every day to continue to be the best.  Your passion and willingness to never accept failure as an option inspires us all.


Ryan Tate