Monday, July 13, 2009

Tate Publishing - I-Phone Applications For Authors and Artists

It is a beautiful day in Oklahoma this morning and we are going to have yet another 100 plus degree day!!!  

I am excited to announce that we have just finished the programming and production of our new I-Phone applications.  Everything has been submitted and approved by Apple and we are really happy to once again offer this service and exposure to our authors and artists.  

The applications are titled "GottaKnow" and these applications are specific for each author or artist.  So if your book was titled, "The Best Book Ever" your I-Phone application will be, "GottaKnow The Best Book Ever", and will be an interactive opportunity for fans and followers to connect with their favorite Tate author or artist.

The I-Phone applications will include links to purchase the books and music cd's, links to upcoming events pages, blogs and personal info that comes straight from the authors and artists themselves giving their fans and readers an incredible opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level.   These applications will offer free samples to read and listen to as well as an images section to see "behind the scenes" as their favorite author or artist created their respective masterpiece! 

No one else in the industry offers these services and once again keeps Tate Publishing ahead of everyone else.  We will be releasing a new application for every title and music cd we release and believe that this added exposure will be a huge benefit to our product lines and serve our authors at a level never before seen in the publishing industry.  

This is a very exciting time and we couldn't be happier to continue to lead the industry in serving our authors and artists and delivering content and quality with more success than anyone else.  Please send your questions our way and I will post some links to the applications as we launch them this month.   

Have a blessed day,

Ryan Tate


Stacey J. Miller said...

Wow! What a wonderful example of innovative thinking and Web 2.0 book promotion and marketing! Tate Publishing authors and artists are very lucky to be aboard. All the best with your new offering, and I'll very much look forward to hearing about the services you offer in the future.

EGP Marcellin said...

Very cool news! Makes me proud to be a Tate author! Any chance that the app will be available for Android users soon too?