Monday, June 1, 2009

Tate Publishing To Release I-Phone Applications

Good afternoon, it is the beginning of a new month and a perfect time to announce a new feature that Tate Publishing authors will soon have access to.  Tate Publishing has always been a leader in the publishing industry.  We offer more opportunities, services and distribution than any other publisher.  While most would be content with this position, we never are.  We want to always press to deliver more for our authors and the publishing industry and continue to distance ourselves from everyone else.  This desire has led to yet another feature that our authors will benefit from, I-Phone applications!

Within the next month or two these new application will begin to release and we intend to make these a standard part of every book we release at Tate Publishing.  These applications can be used on computers and I-Phones that will allow the user to connect directly to the author, read blogs and stories about the authors books and their motivation behind the creation of the books.  In addition, these applications will link the users to the online store to purchase the electronic versions as well as allow us to connect with the authors fans to supply them with information about new releases or new features available to them as well as local events they can attend.  

Once again, no one else and no other publisher is offering these services and we are creating an environment where Tate authors can continue to outperform everyone else in the marketplace.  I will continue to keep you up to date and post some of the initial applications here once they release in the near future.  As always,if you have any questions please shoot them our way and have a blessed week!


Ryan Tate

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