Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tate Publishing, Lead and Achieve - The American Dream

Good afternoon and thank you for visiting my blog.  It is a beautiful Tuesday morning in Oklahoma today.  Yesterday was a very large company wide staff meeting for our company where I get the opportunity to address our entire staff.  I always love these meetings and yesterdays was a special one.

As I was addressing the staff I was talking with them about the state of the economy, and what I expect from them as Tate Publishing team members.  While we are doing better than ever at Tate Publishing and all of our numbers and sales volumes are on the rise, it is very easy to become frustrated by what is happening in the world around us.  I encouraged our staff to remember that the American Dream isn't a government hand out or a legislative policy that will take care of you for life.  Whether you are republican or democrat we all can agree that if you are waiting on or expect the government to save you, it will NEVER happen.  The American Dream is the very opportunity to work yourself to success, the American Dream is the chance to use your efforts to succeed and provide for your family.  At Tate Publishing we believe in America and the spirit of Americans and we believe and see everyday that the American Dream is alive.

Yesterday I encouraged our staff to remember that our success is not a result of a handout, our success is the result of hard work, dedication and the very fact that failure is never an option.  We believe that we are helping our authors achieve and reach their goal and accomplish their dream everyday with successful books.  We would never take this lightly and have had a conviction to offer opportunities that authors could never find anywhere else and a work ethic to see our books and authors succeed that no other company can compare to.  

It is our desire to constantly press ourselves to become better everyday and find new ways to promote, serve, and assist our titles and authors to succeed.  I am so proud of the spirit of accomplishment and determination that I see in the faces our our staff.  I truly believe that a Tate author is working with the most talented staff in the industry and a group of individuals that never give up.  That is the spirit of success, the spirit of America and the fuel behind the American Dream.

As a leader in the publishing industry it is easy to sit back, relax and enjoy success, but that will never be us.  We desire to daily achieve and pursue new heights and excellence everyday.  We are making huge investments to grow our facilities and our staff and have just added new products to our line that once again no other publisher can offer.  That is just who we are!  I believe that a spirit that can't be broken and a resolve to work hard no matter what the situation is a huge key to success in any industry or for the American people, that is what we expect around here!

I am praying for all of you and please if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to send them my way!

Thanks for reading,

Ryan Tate

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