Friday, March 13, 2009

Tate Publishing, Music and Thomas Nelson

Good afternoon and thanks for taking a moment to check up on Tate Publishing.  It is very busy around our offices today.  Tonight is the premier and TV debut or our newest addition to Tate Publishing, our new music label Tate Music Group's Artist of the Year Competition.  Most people don't know that Tate Publishing has a music division, but we do and it has been every bit as successful as our publishing house.  Tonight 5 artists are battling for artist of the year and $20,000.00 in cash and many other prizes.  We have judges from Universal Records, New Day Distributors and even the world famous impresario Jim Halsley!  Please watch the show or catch the live stream of it on our music label's website at, coverage starts at 7PM CST.  

On the publishing front we just received world that Thomas Nelson Publishers is following in Tate Publishing footsteps and going to offer products and books that include audio downloads and e-book downloads for one price.  This is a result of the success our titles are having and the incredible growth of our product line and proves once again, that Tate Publishing delivers products, services and distribution that can't be found anywhere else.  The famous quote reads that "imitation is the greatest form of flattery" and we couldn't agree more.  

At Tate Pubishing every title released has an eLive feature that basically means when you purchase a book with the eLive logo, you have just purchased and entire digital entertainment package that includes the book, audiobook and e-book all for the same price!  For others to follow us and see the value of offering titles with these options not only excites us, but validates all of our efforts.  We are all very excited and proud.  

Once again, thank you for reading and try to catch the broadcast tonight if you can, but as always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to shoot them my way!


Ryan Tate

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