Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tate Publishing, An Author's Best Friend!

Good afternoon, I am sitting in my office and just got off the phone with our Director of Production, Dave Dolphin about a new piece of printing equipment we just bought.  We recently purchased a new color printing device to add to our production facility that is state of the art and a large investment during these economic times, but is the best investment we could make to ensure quality for our authors.  As I was getting off the phone Dave stated, "This acquisition puts the author first and delivers quality product that is second to none!"  In one statement Dave made apparent what I try to preach to our staff every chance I get.  Serve the author!

Our company was founded on the principles of serving authors and creating a publishing company that delivers products, services, distribution and marketing that no one else in the industry can or would.  We make huge investments and take huge risks in our authors every day, and they pay off everyday too.  The incredible success stories have changed the publishing industry and has put Tate Publishing at the top of the list in sales, services and products offered in the industry.  Our investment into the author has created a publishing house that leads in nearly every major category of concern in the industry.  For those of you that follow my blog you now know that Tate Publishing has reached the top ten for sales volume through retails stores and we offer more marketing, distribution and services to our authors than any other publisher.  

We knew early on that investing in the writers of the world and searching for the "diamond in the roughs" was risky, but the writers of the world have proven that talent properly marketed and produced can change the industry and deliver success for both the publisher and author.  At Tate Publishing we value the relationship we have with our authors and truly view it as a partnership.  It is this very belief that has made it possible for us to not only love our jobs, but believe in the talents of our authors.  I can honestly say as an author and publisher, that Tate Publishing was created to be the author's best friend and we have lived up to that everyday. 

Our staff searches daily for new ways to support, promote and provide quality to our authors.  It is our passion and something I thank God everyday to have the opportunity to achieve.  It truly is an exciting time, please if you have any questions don't hesitate to let us know.


Ryan Tate 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tate Publishing Makes Audio Book Available To All

Good afternoon, it is a beautiful day at our offices this morning and I just left one of our printing facilities and couldn't wait to write about some exciting things taking place at Tate Publishing.  

This morning I received a call from our Director of Marketing, Mark Mingle.  Mark is currently in New York City and was meeting with our buyer in the Large Press Division at Barnes& Noble.  At the meeting the buyer was not only very interested and picking up the titles being presented for distribution, but she was very interested in one of the features that accompany most Tate Publishing titles.  The feature is what we refer to as eLive!  eLive is basically a total digital package that comes with a Tate Published title.  

Whenever a customer buys a Tate Published book, if it has an eLive logo on the cover, they have just purchased the complete digital entertainment package.  There is a download code in the back of the book that gives the buyer access to a free download of the e-book and audiobook from any computer.  The value this adds to a book is huge and the investment that Tate Publishing makes in our titles to provide these types of benefits is unparalleled.  Our buyer even mentioned that she had never heard of or seen a publisher every do this and loved it.  

This is one more way that Tate Publishing has always set ourselves apart from the competition.  For those of you who follow my blog you know that Tate Publishing is a company born to provide services, product, and distribution to authors, buyers and distributors that can't be found or compared to anywhere else.  eLive is a perfect example of the Tate difference.

Perhaps the biggest confirmation of how successful the eLive feature has been comes from my own house.  I have a four year old daughter at home who tests all of our children's books.  The second daddy brings home a new book, she goes straight to the computer downloads the audio book version and follows along.  If she loves it we have a winner on our hands.

I couldn't be more proud of what we are accomplishing every day at Tate Publishing and the incredible success our authors and books are experiencing.  We will continue to push ourselves to the next level of service and product offerings everyday, and remember next time you visit your local bookstore to make sure your purchase is a Tate Publishing book with the eLive logo on the cover.  The digital entertainment package is sure to not disappoint.

Have a blessed day and let me know if you have any questions!

God Bless,

Ryan Tate

Monday, February 2, 2009

What Makes Tate Publishing The Best

I am often asked what sets Tate Publishing apart and why are we able to succeed when others fail.  The answers are simple.  First, we believe in what we are trying to accomplish, a great company, individual, family, really anything needs a great set of values or moorings it can hang onto and believe in.  At Tate Publishing we believe we are changing the world through our books.  That is not something we take lightly, we truly believe our authors are changing the very world we live in.  My parents who founded Tate Publishing had a simple desire, deliver the best books possible to the marketplace and change the world through content and success.  We accomplish this everyday at Tate Publishing.

The second key to success at Tate Publishing is that believe we have recruited the most talented staff in the industry.   When executive staff members are interviewing or talking with potential job candidates several things are emphasized.  First, any employee that needs to be managed is probably a bad fit for us.  We believe that individuals that need to be tightly managed are never going to make the company better.  Great employees don't need to be motivated, they motivate others to greatness.  If you walk the halls of Tate Publishing you will get the feeling that our staff is accomplishing great things everyday and bringing new ideas to the industry.  Second, we look for staff that view what they do as a responsibility and not necessarily a job.  Now, I realize there are always elements of every job that or not desirable, but the overall aspect or the big picture is what I am referring to.   Tate Publishing staff are focused on the big picture or changing the world, serving our authors and artist and delivering the best products and services possible to the industries we do business in.  

Third, we hire candidates that are eager to change.  One of the best things about Tate Publishing is that we are constantly changing, we are always looking for new services or products to release and have been able to lead the industry because of our commitment to change,evolve, grow and constantly get better.  Our staff are encouraged to always view change or even problems as opportunities to serve, develop character and find better ways of doing things.  

I am so proud of everyone who works at Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group and any author or artist will know that you are working with a special group of people the second you do business with us.  People are what make the difference and people are the reason we are so successful.

This is how we truly distinguish ourselves or a job candidate as the best verses the rest!

Have a blessed day and remember to send any questions you may have my way!

Ryan Tate