Friday, March 20, 2009

Tate Publishing - No Comparison

Good afternoon, well our events and broadcasts last week went flawlessly and thank you to everyone who tuned in for the show.  It was a huge success!

I have been really excited about writing this week and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about the publishing industry in general.  Tate Publishing offers more services, distribution, and products than any publisher in the industry.  That is something we take pride in and is part of our mission to deliver a publishing opportunity that is second to none and creates the greatest opportunity for our authors and titles success.  

We are a leader in sales and in production quality and services.  No one else comes close!  We are constantly looking at other publishers, retail establishments and the industry to look for new ways to promote, distribute and publicize our authors and books, as well as new products to offer.

We spend a lot of time in meetings just looking for new ways to help our authors succeed and out sell the competition.  As a result of our success we have many other publishers that become very frustrated that they can't compete and that our authors are simply more successful.  I was just chatting with one of our authors this morning who was talking with a print on demand company before she had been accepted by Tate Publishing for a traditional publishing contract and it was incredible what people will say and do to try and get an author to spend money with them.  Our author just keept saying that other publishers could only tell her that they didn't know how we do it and that in some cases it just doesn't seem possible.  

Then it hit me!  That is the Tate Publishing difference!  Everyone else thinks things are impossible, when we look at everything as possible.  We hold more events, are in the top ten for sales in books, deliver more products and better service and help more unknown or first-time authors succeed than anyone else.  Accomplishing the impossible is our calling, it is who we are.  At Tate Publishing we wake up every morning and work harder than anyone else to see our authors, titles and this publishing house succeed.  

We not only consider our work a blessing, but to serve authors and have the opportunity to see lives changed and entertained by our products is amazing.  Tate Publishing was founded to be a publishing house that partnered with authors and created the best environment for their success and profitability.  We love the challenge and have seen great success from an unselfish vision for our authors in this incredibly competitive industry.  While it is frustrating to compete with and to many may seem impossible, at Tate Publishing, the challenge is what we live for and who we are, and nothing is impossible.  Our track record and history speaks for itself!  

As always thank you so much for reading and please, if you have any questions don't hesitate to send them our way.  It is almost royalty time again at Tate Publishing and checks will mail out next month and it is looking to be another record setting quarter.  

Thanks again and God Bless,

Ryan Tate


TS Twilight said...

Hi my name is Tiffany Stewart. I’ve started a blog for one of my classes and for my topic I chose something that really interests me; the book publishing industry. I was hoping you could answer a few of my questions. (It would really help me out)

I recently did some research over the book publishing industry and found that many are worried. In you opinion Is the book publishing industry in trouble?
What do you predict is the future for book publishing?

How easy is it to get a job in publishing?

What are the qualifications you need to work in this field? Degree? Talent? Personality?

For example, if I have a Bachelor of Arts and my major was Interactive Advertising and my minor was Writing, could I get a job in publishing and if so, what positions would I be suitable for?

How would I get my foot in the door? 
Do you have to live in a major city in order to do book publishing?
Why do you blog about book publishing?
Is there anything else you’d like to share about the publishing world?

Ryan Tate said...


Thank you for writing and I can absolutely help you. Contact my office directly and let's conduct a formal interview. I as so pleased that you are studying our industry and believe you will find it very interesting!


Ryan Tate