Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tate Publishing, An Author's Best Friend!

Good afternoon, I am sitting in my office and just got off the phone with our Director of Production, Dave Dolphin about a new piece of printing equipment we just bought.  We recently purchased a new color printing device to add to our production facility that is state of the art and a large investment during these economic times, but is the best investment we could make to ensure quality for our authors.  As I was getting off the phone Dave stated, "This acquisition puts the author first and delivers quality product that is second to none!"  In one statement Dave made apparent what I try to preach to our staff every chance I get.  Serve the author!

Our company was founded on the principles of serving authors and creating a publishing company that delivers products, services, distribution and marketing that no one else in the industry can or would.  We make huge investments and take huge risks in our authors every day, and they pay off everyday too.  The incredible success stories have changed the publishing industry and has put Tate Publishing at the top of the list in sales, services and products offered in the industry.  Our investment into the author has created a publishing house that leads in nearly every major category of concern in the industry.  For those of you that follow my blog you now know that Tate Publishing has reached the top ten for sales volume through retails stores and we offer more marketing, distribution and services to our authors than any other publisher.  

We knew early on that investing in the writers of the world and searching for the "diamond in the roughs" was risky, but the writers of the world have proven that talent properly marketed and produced can change the industry and deliver success for both the publisher and author.  At Tate Publishing we value the relationship we have with our authors and truly view it as a partnership.  It is this very belief that has made it possible for us to not only love our jobs, but believe in the talents of our authors.  I can honestly say as an author and publisher, that Tate Publishing was created to be the author's best friend and we have lived up to that everyday. 

Our staff searches daily for new ways to support, promote and provide quality to our authors.  It is our passion and something I thank God everyday to have the opportunity to achieve.  It truly is an exciting time, please if you have any questions don't hesitate to let us know.


Ryan Tate 

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