Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tate Publishing Sales Report

Good afternoon and Happy Holidays to all! Christmas is right around the corner and we are all very excited about the new year at Tate Publishing. I wanted to post the letter we just received from Key Marketing Group Communications about our sales results over the past several years. We are very proud of all of our staff, authors and vendors for such incredible and unparalleled success.


- Ryan Tate

Key to Your Publishing Success

Tate Publishing & Enterprises
127 East Trade Center Terrace
Mustang, OK 73064

Dear Ryan,

I wanted to personally inform you and congratulate you on the unparalleled success we have experienced together over the last five years of service with Tate Publishing.

After a recent survey and study of our past three years of sales with Ingram Book Co, we have determined that our sales rate and growth percentage have been second to none.

According to our records and correspondence with our buyer at Ingram, Tate Publishing is one of the ‘fastest’ growing publishers she currently is working with. Over the last three years, Tate Publishing has grown at an unbelievable rate of over 100% per year, with some percentage rates reaching over 200% of growth.

Also, as of November 2008, we are ranking in the top 20 of all publishers that our buyer currently buys from, which is over 130 publishers. Our estimation is that we will end up around 15-17th ranked by the end of this fiscal year.

As far as projected growth, we are projecting to break into the top 5-10 for 2009, if we continue the same pace of growth rates as we have for the last three years.

With the economic down turn that our industry has experienced over the last few years, it is extremely refreshing to be working with a publisher that is showing unprecedented increases. We totally believe that this is due to the aggressive marketing approaches that Tate Publishing takes for ‘every’ author that is released.

Again, I am speaking on behalf of Key Marketing Group and our buyer at Ingram Book, when I say ‘Great Job!’ Keep up the good work!


Bryan Norris
President, Key Marketing Communications


Brenda Rogers said...

Congratulations Tate Publishing! Publishing is a tough business and it is great to see the 'small man' succeed. Please can you tell us more about the marketing you all have done? Was it primarily internet?

Brenda Rogers

Ann Winters said...

Congratulations, Tate Publishing!

With one novel completed and released 5/28/08, and another in review as I write this, I can say that I'm proud to be one of your authors. Your staff, and overall author relationshis is par excellent.

Again, congratulations, you deserve it.