Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tate Publishing & Impact Magazine

Recently we were honored to be asked to have a profile in a local magazine that one of the ministries we support puts out quarterly.  The magazine is Impact OKC and is from Youth For Christ.  They feature businesses in our state that have a passion for building the Kingdom and reaching others for Christ.  As many of you know at Tate Publishing we not only the industry leader for authors in publishing, marketing, distribution and publicity, but we have had a desire from day one to make this world a better place and reach lives with God's Word.  As we are approaching Thanksgiving I can't help but think of how grateful we are for what God has blessed us with and allows us to do each day.  Serving authors is for us - a life changing and world altering call.  Each author and every book is an opportunity to see our world changed one reader at a time.  From all of us at Tate Publishing and our family we would like to thank each of you for supporting us, helping us build the Kingdom and choosing us to deliver your books to the world.    We are truly blessed and have been in such need for our Lord's saving grace, that my family and I simply can't see running a business or living our lives in any way other than to deliver what our competitors can't and take God's Word to the World.  We are praying that your Thanksgiving will be one blessed beyond measure and as always if you ever need anything don't hesitate to contact us at anytime.  Here is a link to the magazine article, hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In Him,

Ryan Tate

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tate Publishing Releases Lee Greenwood's Book!

There is a lot going on and tons of new great authors releasing the last couple of months in all genres across the board.  Wanted you to see some great coverage Lee Greenwood got recently that you are sure to enjoy.  This is perhaps what I love most, that we are taking talented authors that have never written a book and they are making not only America a better place, but our world.    Exciting times, but please make sure if you are publishing a book you actually have marketing support!  Why do all the work of writing a book, and then skip the most important part when it comes to picking a publisher that actually can create opportunities for you.  Be smart, research a lot and remember that even a great book without visibility will usually never have a chance!

Enjoy Lee's interviews!

Lee's FoxNews Interview

I'm still Proud To Be An American!


Ryan Tate