Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tate Publishing's Latest New York Times Bestseller

Good afternoon and it is now time I can say "Happy Holidays",

That you for visiting Tate Publishing and there is so much happening right now it is hard to keep up! First, please make sure to check out our latest New York Times Bestseller, "Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid". Tanya and Lawrence have delivered a bestseller that is incredibly well written, this is easily one of the most powerful stories of loss and hope I have ever read. Tanya and Lawrence have appeared on Inside Edition, Dr. Phil Show, and we recently were contacted and told that a future People Magazine article is in the works!

In addition, many of you have noticed and commented our our new website we launched a couple of months ago. Thank you for all your comments and we are glad you like the new look and feel. We are so privileged to work with some of the best authors in the world and I want to encourage each of you to continue to deliver great books that change our world for the better. I can't help but think about how much our society is in need of authors to deliver great content to this generation. Nothing has changed our society more than books! From the Bible to history text books, to great fiction works that challenge us to dream big dreams, if you want to change the world - write a book!

At Tate Publishing we continue to provide the best options we possibly can for authors to succeed. We pride ourselves in striving to be the best and deliver what others can't. There is so much negativity and hate being spewed in the world, it is hard to see through it, but God is in control and he will direct our paths and victory certainly rests with him. Stay focused and don't let anything get you off track, let's change the world one book at a time.


Ryan Tate

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jerry Jenkins Visits Tate Publishing

Good evening,

Today was a wonderful day at Tate Publishing. Jerry Jenkins the author of the "Left Behind" series (fyi he sold over 63,000,000 copies) and the owner of the Christian Writers Guild was here. We have spent the last two days with Jerry and his wonderful wife. Jerry, like Tate Publishing has committed his life to helping mold authors and the next generation of Christian writers.

I think the most wonderful thing is that we all agree that the future of publishing is bright. Authors all over America are writing and they are writing the next great American novel right now as we speak. At Tate Publishing we provide the marketing, distribution, production, publicity and visibility that these authors can't get anywhere else. We are able to take the authors like those that Jerry and the Christian Writers Guild develop and help vault them to success.

I would like to thank Jerry once again on behalf of the entire Tate Publishing family. We look forward to the future and continuing to take authors all over the world to the next level. At Tate Publishing our focus everyday is helping authors succeed.

Who knows, someone reading this right now may be the next big author to change the world. If you don't write and you don't' try you will never know! Let's sell some books!


Ryan Tate

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What An Author Needs in 2011!

As a new year has come I am often asked what it will take for an author to be successful in 2011. The entire publishing industry has gone through so many changes in the last 5 years it is difficult to keep up with it all. From the Kindle to the Ipad and every technology gadget in between people want content faster than ever. While we have always been a leader in the industry when it comes to technology and content many things never change. So once again, when I am asked what is takes for an author to succeed, the answer still remains the same. It takes a great team! That is right, I have been in this industry so long that I see books all the time that succeed and become a bestseller that from a content and quality standpoint are inferior to other books on the market, but the team behind them are far more experienced and offer more.

That is where we focus the most at Tate Publishing. We know that the best thing we can do is work as hard as possible to create opportunities for our authors to succeed. No other publisher offers what we do. From putting each author on national television, marketing, production, editing, design, manufacturing, publicity and more. Tate Publishing sets the standard that others try to compete against. The problem with self-publishing has nothing to do with the self-publisher itself. Self-publishers do one thing, they print books! The problem is that authors often believe that their book is so good or so well written that if they can simply get some copies printed it will take off and everyone will want to purchase it. That is simply a silly thought. Supply doesn't drive demand, just because you print it doesn't mean anyone will buy it! Demand drives demand! At Tate Publishing if we select a manuscript to publish we supply a team to each author. Our authors work with their own editor, designer, typeset designer, marketing and publicity rep. No publisher books more events for their authors than Tate Publishing. We do all of this to make sure that we are providing the best team we possibly can for our authors. So if you are looking for a publisher, remember to ask about what kind of team will be assembled and provided. Will you be able to pick up the phone and call your own marketing representative if you want to have a book signing scheduled or a press release sent? A great team is what we focus on at Tate because we believe that is the environment that creates the best opportunity for an author to succeed.

In a difficult industry you cannot hope and wish that you will be successful. You need to work harder and smarter than your competition and surround yourself with professionals that know what is takes to succeed. I will be praying that you all have a blessed an successful 2011 and as always if you have any questions or need assistance don't hesitate to contact us!


Ryan Tate