Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Royalty Time At Tate Publishing!

I hope this post finds everyone doing great! I am pursuing my pilots certificate and only lack a coupe of more hours before I get my certificate and the windy Oklahoma weather has caused me yet another delay today, but tomorrow should be beautiful and perfect to fly! Since I couldn't fly this morning I was able to be at the office when this quarter's royalties were finalized and I am excited to announce that royalties for this quarter are higher then they have ever been in the history of the company.

Tate authors and their books are selling great and doing a fantastic job in the marketplace. I couldn't be prouder of the wonderful job that our staff and authors are doing to succeed. As a staff we are unique in that we literally pray for the success of our authors, vendors, staff and company, especially during the current financial times. We have always believed that we should pray as though everything depends on God and work as though everything depends on us.

I was a wrestler at the University of Oklahoma and I can remember that I never prayed to God before a match that he would help me win or make the other guy lose. I always thought that wasn't fair and God wouldn't make that decision, instead I always prayed that God wold give me great opportunities to take advantage of in a match. I believed that I would always be in better shape and outwork my opponents so given the opportunity, I would be ready to seize it and win. We bring this same passion to the publishing industry. We believe we are just hard work away from anything and that we need to be prepared to take advantage of every opportunity we have to help our authors succeed and sell a book.

So, given the fact that royalties are at an all time high, I believe Tate authors and staff are doing a great job of working hard, preparing and taking advantage of every opportunity! Great job to everyone and congratulations!!!

Ryan Tate

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