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Tate Publishing's Rita Tate Named Woman of the Year!

What a wonderful year it has already been and we are just getting started!   I wanted to share (brag) an article we are proud of.   Rita Tate was just named the Woman of the Year by Hughes News.  Here is the article and a link as well.  As you know since Rita Tate is my mom I already knew she was the woman of the year!!!!  Congratulations Mom and I have received so many e-mails and calls from our authors and artist already congratulating you.  We are all very proud of you and our company is so blessed to have someone like you as a founder.  Many people don't realize that the main focus of Tate Publishing is to build God's Kingdom and give as much as possible.  Every employee, author, and artist in our company plays such a huge role in making that happen and it is a blessing to have any part.  Enjoy the article and this also gives some great history on my mom and our family!

Rita Queen Williams Tate has been named the Hugh's News Woman of the Year for 2012

Rita Queen Williams Tate was born in Clinton, Oklahoma to Hubert and Violet Williams in 1948. Soon after Rita was born her father became pastor of Central Pentecostal Holiness Church, moving the family to the south side of Oklahoma City in 1950. He had a hugely successful tenure as the church grew by the hundreds throughout the early to late 1950s. Rita would be one of eight children born to the couple. After four boys, she was the first of three girls, and then another younger brother was added later. Her middle name, Queen, is a tradition passed to the first girl born into a Williams family.
Rita loved church and grew up memorizingScripture and singing for the congregation. She was saved at the age of six in a Sunday school class taught by Opal Finchum, whom Rita calls “a masterful teacher who made Bible stories come alive and explained fully what it meant to give your heart to Christ.”  The first person she told about her salvation decision was her father who said with tears in his eyes, “Rita Queen that is the greatest news you will EVER tell your Dad.” 

By the time Rita was a teenager, her father had left the ministry but the family remained dedicated to the church and maintained a strong Christian household. She attended Southwestern Christian University, first briefly as a high school sophomore, then later as a full time college student. Rita's uncle, C.H. Williams, many may recall, was a dean and professor at Southwestern for many years. In fact, C.H. Williams, helped found the school along with Oral Roberts, and R.O. Corvin in 1946.

Rita's love for music was always apparent and one evening while at home with her two younger sisters, she asked if they would sing a song with her. Almost miraculously a sound developed very quickly. Younger sister, Vikki took the lead part, the youngest sister, Renee, sang tenor, and Rita was the alto for the group. No lessons, no direction, just three voices united in the closest of harmony, difficult to come by unless the voices are related. The ease and clarity of sound even surprised the sisters.
[Rita Williams Tate; Vikki Williams; Renee Williams Light (of the Light family--relatives of the Muse family)]

Soon, The Williams Sisters were being asked to sing at local youth events, revivals, and conferences. Rita became the spokesperson for the group and developed a unique speaking style, sharing Biblical messages and illustrations, weaving the music into the overall theme. Along with a small band as accompaniment, they began to tour the country performing at church youth camps, conferences, and holding revivals from coast to coast. From the late sixties to mid seventies, The Williams Sisters were traveling and ministering full time. The group's two albums, Introducing … The Williams Sisters and Joy!, produced during that time, are still asked for today.

“It was a wonderful time in our lives. We were privileged to see many young people come to know Christ and we were enjoying the time together, understanding how blessed we were to do something we loved to do,” said Rita.

In 1974, The Williams Sisters were introduced at the National Quartet Convention held in Nashville as “The New Group of the Year.” The honor was part of a program that was the precursor to the current Dove Awards awarded to Christian artists. Thereafter, the sisters would share the stage often with The Oak Ridge Boysthe Stamps QuartetThe Inspirations, and other well-known groups.

As the 1980s approached, marriage and raising families became new priorities and the group no longer toured, but got together periodically for special events through the years. Rita married Dr. Richard Tate, a campus minister, in 1977, and they served on the campus of Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri for many years. As Vice President for the school as well as Campus Minister, Richard along with Rita continued to sing together and minister, representing the school and recruiting many students throughout the Midwest. Two children, son, Ryan, and daughter, Trinity, were born while at Bolivar.

The couple moved to the San Diego, California area in 1990 to take their first full time pastorate. It was during this time they began to work on producing a book aimed at helping married couples and families. The material for the book was gleaned from the live seminars and conferences Richard and Rita conducted several times a year. When the family moved back to their Oklahoma roots in 1997 the manuscript was sent to several publishers. Finally, their book 11 Reasons Families Succeed was published. “It's a great tool for dating or married couples, and families experiencing challenges,” Rita explained.

“Richard was serving as the Chief of Staff for Mary Fallin, who is now the Governor of Oklahoma at that time, but we learned so much about the publishing process and marketing books that we became interested in creating our own publishing house. In 2000, our son Ryan graduated from the University of Oklahoma where he was a varsity wrestler for the Sooners and daughter, Trinity, a cheerleader for OU on track to graduate in 2001. Ryan married a beautiful girl and after a brief stint as Area Director for Youth for Christ, Ryan joined us as we finally formed Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC. Ryan was named President of the company and Trinity soon entered the family business as one of our first editors,” Rita continued.
“Trinity is now the Executive Director for Acquisitions. You know, it was as if it happened by itself. I suppose that's how you know it truly is a 'God thing'. We can't take credit for a single thing. When we began to solicit manuscripts the response was overwhelming and from that day to this; the business continues to thrive. We are so grateful. It is God's business, not ours. Everyday we look around, amazed at what God has done in twelve short years. We have over 200 employees, produce wonderful, beautiful books that bless and change people's lives, and are able to give into the kingdom of God because of Tate Publishing's success.”

Rita became involved with Southwestern Christian University upon the family's return to Oklahoma and is now Vice President for the Executive Committee for the Board of Regents and loves the school that gave so much to her when she was a young student. “Southwestern is in my DNA – I have a passion for it's past and it's future. To see the school expanding, building, and becoming a vibrant educational entity is thrilling. You step on that campus once, and you will never be the same. I'm in for a lifetime.”
Rita maintains a busy schedule as always. As Executive Creative Writer for Tate Publishing she is a ghostwriter for the company's celebrity authors. She has written for Lee Greenwood, Neal McCoy, the niece of Oklahoma's favorite son, Will Rogers, the Selmon brothers--Oklahoma University football greats, along with Joe Washington. She has also written for Nolan Ryan, Reba McEntire, Kenny Rogers, and NBA's Karl Malone and many others. She is also active in the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women and directs the Miss Mustang Pageant, a preliminary for the Miss America Pageant.

“Family will always be our highest priority. As years pass, Richard and I realize more and more that time spent with them is the most precious, valuable, and important thing we do. Ryan and Christy have two children, a daughter, Courtney Queen, carrying on the middle name tradition, and son, Will; Trinity and husband, Lee have two beautiful little girls, Sloane and Avery."
“When Hugh approached me about being namedHugh's News Woman of the Year, I was of course, honored, but more than that, I was humbled. I remember as a six year old, on my knees praying the prayer of salvation. I have not been perfect and have made some mistakes along the way, but I always knew God loves me, guides me and favors me in ways I can't fathom. I have been sold out to Him for many years now and He gets credit for anything I have accomplished. As to this newest honor, it reminds me of a Williams Sisters song we used to sing,'It's A Wonderful Feeling!' Love and blessings to all--Rita Williams Tate.
[Editor's commentary: Rita asked me this question: "Hugh, How do you go about selecting the person of the year for Hugh's News?
That is a great question. I am not sure I could tell her or you exactly how it happens. I had a Frenchprofessor at Furman University who enjoyed giving us pop quizzes. We would study diligently, memorize the vocabulary, etc. After all the hard work, he would invariably fail to give us a quiz for which we were primed to do well. How disappointed we all were because we knew we could make good grades if we studied.
We asked him how he decided when to give a text. He said, "It depends on how my liver acts on any given day."
All I can say is that I pray about it all year, starting in January and wait to see how things go, and how God may impress me with the right individual.
As I recall, I first met Rita Williams Tate in 2006 at the Annual Homecoming of Southwestern Christian University, and she and her sisters, the Williams Sisters, sang. Rita spoke, too, and I was impressed with her poise, charisma and ability to connect with those who were in attendance. I saw in Rita a tremendous leadership ability. Shespoke with the anointing of the Holy Spirit that moved the large group that came to sing.
Following that first meeting of Rita, she was asked to be the emcee for the annual reunion singing. She has done it with charm and an appealing demeanor and command of the event. She is well-organized, and the movement of the whole event is carried by the flow of music and introductions of singers with professional precision and poise. She invited Lonnie Rex to be the conductor of the Gospel Singing last November and what a magnificent job he did, along with Betty on the grand piano, Laban West and Randell Drake on the other pianos.
I learned later that Rita and her sisters grew up in the home of a pastor in the Pentecostal Holiness Church in Oklahoma. They formed a trio, The Williams Sisters Trio, that traveled all across the west [and the whole country] where they were well received, loved, and greatly appreciated for their anointed and dynamic gospel singing.
It is the opinion of this writer that they were on a par with the Andrew Sisters and the Lennon Sisters who sang on the Lawrence Welk TV Show. They were known as America's Sweethearts. The Williams Sisters Trio were the Sweethearts of the Pentecostal family of churches throughout the west.
Rita Tate is co-founder of Tate Publishing and Enterprises–a Christian based publisher located in Mustang, Oklahoma. She is the author of 12 Battles Every Woman Must Win!, and co-author, with her husband of 11 Reasons Families Succeed.
I have visited the Corporate Offices of Tate Publishers and Enterprises in Mustang, OK, and met with her husband, Dr. Richard Tate, also a remarkable person with enthusiasm, energy, vim and vitality. I would say he has Spizzerinctum.
It is my delight and honor to introduce you to RitaWilliams Tate, the 2012 Hugh's News Woman of the Year.


Unknown said...

Very impressive resume for Rita Queen Williams Tate. Actually rather humbling since she is only one year older than me.

Joseph Moris

Unknown said...

Very Impressive.

Joseph Moris

MsJoyJoyHappy said...

It seems that I must be the first to make a comment. Let's see if it shows up. Congratulations on receiving the award. Some individuals receive their award on earth, and as a mother whom has continued to pray for and with her children, perhaps one day I will receive my reward in Heaven. It would be so nice to receive an award both here and in heaven. If all my children make it to heaven, which I am claiming is the case, along with their many friends whom I have witnessed to, than I will feel that I served the lord, according to his plan! Bless you the Tate Family! Bless Alana Duffle as well, as she has given me hope, when it was difficult.

MsJoyJoyHappy said...

What a beautiful story, about a beautiful family! They all look gorgeous. As a new author, I am reminded that through Christ Jesus most anything can be accomplished! I am also reminded daily, NOT to judge others. I have read some comments from high ranking officials in the Church whom don't believe certain individuals can receive salvation. I've led a few individuals to the lord, whom were on the streets working as prostitutes, some whom were living in a gay lifestyle. The thing that I do know, is that God can touch hearts if we DON't judge, if we love instead and give them the keys to how ask Jesus Christ into their hearts. Currently, there is a man whom asked me to pray for him several years ago. He was a pastor and had married 3 times, than became involved with another man in a relationship. I've prayed for him and the last time I saw him he was with his first love and their son in church. Miracles still do happen, if we love instead of judge. If we act like Jesus, whom said "you without sin, cast the first stone. God bless the Tate Family, believing God's miracles will continue and hold on to those whom asked Jesus into their hearts. This article encouraged me! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! May the Lord our God bless you and your family with all things in Christ Jesus, Amen.