Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tate Publishing President, CEO talks small business with Fox News

Ryan Tate talks with the Willis' Report
Tate Publishing President, CEO Ryan Tate was interviewed Wednesday on Fox Business News, sharing his hopes for small business as a result of Tuesday’s election.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA., USA, November 6, 2014 / -- OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Tate Publishing President and C.E.O. Ryan Tate was interviewed Wednesday on Fox Business News’ The Willis Report, sharing his hopes for small businesses as a result of Tuesday’s election.

“The thing I’m the most excited about is the Republicans are now going to be able to put bills on [the President's] desk that he is going to have to make decisions about,” said Tate. “…and Harry Reid won’t be protecting him from doing what Americans have asked the president to do, which is represent us, protect us, [and] help us get back to a place of economic stability.”

“We need tax reform both on the corporate and the individual side because the corporate tax side alone isn't where most small business owners need relief,” shared Tate. “If you want businesses to pour money back into their employees, you have to give them a tax break.”

Tate also discussed the Affordable Care Act, sharing that he believes Obamacare is “too large” to be killed at this point, that that instead the focus should be on the mandates within. “You’ve got to start fixing the mandates and those little provisions in the bill to help small business owners,” said Tate.

Watch the full interview on the Fox Business News Website.

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